Juicy Couture Back to School Stuff!!!

  1. I was at Nordstrom and I came across several Juicy Couture back to school things. Here's a list, why not check these items out?

    -Juicy Couture Binder (with integrated clipboard, agenda, and folders. Lots of pockets and place for storage. It's velour with leather edges and has lots of patches to give it prep school style.) $48.00

    -Juicy Couture back to school kit (with pencils, vinyl pencil case, folders, notebook, notepad, pencil sharpener, and eraser.)$25.00

    -Juicy Couture Locker Kit (contains a dry erase board, juicy magnets, mirror, and markers.)$35.00

    -Juicy Couture Backpack (the matching backpack to the binder. Loaded with pockets and space!) $225.00

    Now you know the latest in going back to school in style. Be the most glamorous student in class with your Juicy Couture!!!

    *All of the Juicy items listed come in two colors:
    -crystal (light pink and lime green)
    -royal red and navy blue.

    Hurry and get them soon!!! There's a huge anniversary sale at Nordstrom the 20th of July!!!:yes::supacool::idea:
  2. errr...considering the vast majority of us are 17+ years of age, i don't think any of this is relevant?
  3. I did it just in case!
  4. anyways the backpack is really cute! I have it
  5. The stuff sounds really cute.
  6. What the hell is yo problom Canada? That comment was soooooooooo stupid!:cursing::yucky::tdown::yucky::throwup::mad:
  7. Now, now, lets all get along. Maybe this juicy back to school stuff is a bit young for most of the members here, but hey- some might buy for their teenage daughters!