Juicy Couture Back to School Bowler, Small $73.80 / 2 Colors

  1. dang i missed it!!!! grrrrrrrrrr, ive been wanting that one :sad: a girl came into my work with one and its really roomy, she let me see the inside haha
  2. it came back but says unavailable :crybaby:boo, they teased me! haha :p
  3. *sigh* hopefully it will come back on friday the day i get paid im scared to buy anything since i just saw how much money i have because my phone and electric and internet bill i have to pay on friday grrrrrrrr and save money for vacation in june, though i really want to buy this :sad:
  4. black one is in my checkout and i always get upto this point and can never place order haha
  5. Now it says "this item is not available":crybaby:
  6. i added this to my favorites so i can refresh forever til it comes back because it wasnt the day i saw these on sale
  7. boo! no cancellation yet! :sad:
  8. Check on smartbargains if you're still looking for this bag! I spent hours on smartbargains.com yesterday, and if i remember correctly, this bag was on their site!
  9. gone!!
  10. goneeee..
  11. oh well...all good things come to an end.
  12. :crybaby:

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately we cannot price match that item as it is no longer
    available on the Neiman Marcus site. I am very sorry for any
    inconvenience this has caused. Here is our price matching policy:

    We can price match an item up to 40% off the retail price on our site.
    Please note that in order to do a price match you must do the

    1) email us the link to the site/item you want as well as the item on
    Revolve's site
    2) the item must be the exact same item, in the same color and it must
    be available on competitors site in the size you want it.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. Thank
    you and have a great day!

    Customer Service
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