Juicy Couture Ads on Time Square

  1. Enjoy!



    I spotted this Marc Jacobs ad a little further south, around Chelsea.

  2. aww...thanks..it's been forever since I've seen any part of NY. Gorgeous I love Times Square. I know you're having fun w/ that camera!
  3. ^^ Looks like you are enjoying urself!!!
  4. I've always wanted to go to NYC, thanks for sharing Vlad!

    have you seen the naked singing cowboy guy yet? :smile:
  5. I see your using your camera to good use here =D.
  6. Nice shots Vlad, thanx for sharing
  7. Oooh pretty thanks for showing us Vlad!

    I think I remember seeing one of the ads in a magazine I got, but its way cool seeing it on a billboard in NYC!
  8. Those are some good shots. Thanks for the ads.
  9. i havent seen the naked cowboy in a long time...

  10. Saw him yesterday actually. :graucho:
  11. ^^ i love the naked cowboy! he's so funny. i went to NYC around march and it was FREEZING and he was out there singing in his underwear like it was nothing! :roflmfao:
  12. I love Juicy's new ads..they're in a couple of my new magazines this month. My favorite is the one for the perfume with the cute little pastel colored dogs..they're Westies, I think?
  13. awsome...thanks vlad!!! I can't wait till they open the juicy store here in san francisco!!
  14. Nice shots!!! Thanks Vlad!
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