Juicy Couture 3 pack of socks for $4.99!!

  1. thanks! cost me 10.95 total!
  2. These socks are great to wear with boots. The foot bed has a lot of cushion!
  3. you can use it on young women's/teen clothes. it works on juicy and free people and some other brands i didnt test out.
  4. yeah it's for anything in the YES dept
  5. Thanks! That's a good deal! It's $13.34 for me after tax and shipping
  6. Awesome deal! It cost me $10.94 total! Thanks spacytracy!
  7. Thanks for posting, I just got these for my daughter!
  8. yay, i've been eyeing these but couldn't bring myself to spend $45 on socks! thanks so much for the $25 code!


    now let's just hope they don't cancel :rolleyes:
  9. thanks so much i just bought some baby gifts and the socks all separate orders and it worked each time!
  10. Can you tell me what you bought for baby gift? I need to buy some too....

  11. I was too late :sad:

  12. GAH I missed out again :sad: