Juicy Christmas Gift Ideas

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  1. Anyone buying their friends/family, etc. Juicy Couture presents for Christmas?

    If so, what are you buying? :smile:
  2. Ok! I'll start - i bought the charm catcher necklace for my sister + the koala bear charm since she's living in Australia :smile:
  3. No, all my friends think I'm rather daft to spend so much on little charms.
    But my hubbie, bless his heart, he has made several charm presents to me! He actually likes them better than any of my girlfriends!

    Hope your sister likes her wonderful present:coolio:
  4. Uhmm, does it count if I am getting them from others :P. I do all my familys shopping for christmas since they are all too busy so I end up getting myself stuff too.

    If it does, I hope to get the pinecone charm, and cupcake box.
  5. I've bought a few things already. I bought my granddaughter Juicy stuff this year as it's her favorite designer/brand. I picked up a new black daydreamer, a black backpack, and a black wallet for her Christmas gifts this year. Plus a charm bracelet and a couple of charms to add to her other JC charms and jewelry collection.
  6. I might pick my MIL a the newest dog charms, if she doesn't buy them before I get the chance to. I'm also definitely buying her one of the 10-drawer jewelry chests to store her charms in, since her collection has outgrown her current storage box. She has a lot of the juicy starter bracelets and necklaces, so I think a couple of trays for those + some charm-size trays should get her complete juicy collection in one place (especially since she's always eyeing mine when she visits!).
  7. Great gifts vtfroggie.
    She is going to love the chest and having everything in one place.
  8. She's definitely going to love all of her new Juicy items!
  9. I brought my sister a charm and asked my mom for a new bag. My dad sent me a crossbody for my birthday, but I can't bring myself to carry it since it makes me think of him. Anyways - I need the koala bear charm too! I sent my mom a wish list, LOL!
  10. I was thinking of getting a dear friend a small, velour purse.
  11. Bought a pair of flower studs for my roommate today!
    They are very cute.
    Only thing is it comes with one of those "half boxes"!

    I am not a fan of the half boxes. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it a bit more 'juicy'?

  12. I Bought My Two Sisters, My Cousin, And Niece The Gold Pave Star Charm.
    Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 6.05.02 PM.png
  13. The last time I bought JC earrings online, they didn't even come in a box. I found another box and just wrapped the earrings in JC tissue and put it in a small JC bag with more tissue.
  14. Thanks for the help. I wish I had some JC paper, but it didn't come with any! I bought it at The Bay, so it just came in a Hudson's Bay bag and another Hudson's Bay box. I guess that should be fine - but wish I had some JC ribbon or something to wrap the Hudson's bay box up. :P
  15. I love those little charms! Super cute star