Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

  1. Yes it does roll up and down.
  2. I wondered about the silver one, too. The gold one moves, but wasn't sure about the silver.
  3. I got my glasses today! I ordered both the black and pink. I'm so glad I did. They are both so cute! They fold up just like real glasses.
    juicy glasses013.jpg juicy glasses014.jpg juicy glasses019.jpg
  4. Darling!
  5. Just received this batch of charms and I am over the moon with excitement! I had these in the past and parted with them foolishly and didn't think I would ever find them again, especially at a fair price. I am so happy to have these back in my "forever" collection:heart: Thank you for letting me share:flowers:
    2014-04-09 15.04.53.jpg
  6. Tatertot- that's great news that you got them again very exciting I am currently awaiting some new charms can't wait :useless:

    Whateve- Love the glasses I am waiting for them they are in the post on there way to me now

    GLL- If your reading how are you getting on with the new puppy? Girlie
  7. So happy for your TaterT. Love those charms although I have yet to find the handcuff charm myself. Glad you found them in their box. Wish I had been that lucky!!!
  8. I have an old black and white photograph of my grandmother in her early twenties wearing a very similar pair of these glasses. I just received mine as well and while I only ordered the pink I have so much sentimentality for them already. I agree completely, they are adorable!

    I can't wait to see your newest arrivals!! I know how excited you must be to have some on the way.

    GLL how are you and hubby getting on with your new pup? I hope you are doing well:heart:

    Thank you so much BB:hugs: I was not expecting them so I was very excited and so happy with the kindness of my friend (she was parting with her collection). The handcuffs did not come in their tagged box but the others did. It was neat to see the label for the Pie charm, so old and I think from one of the earliest batches.
  9. So cool you are "reunited" with them, tatertot!
  10. I've been eying the Jupiter charm but from my past experiences with pave juicy jewellery (It was from 5 years ago) the stones kept falling out. Does this happen with the charms if they're on a bag or keychain or even mainly dailywear bracelet?
  11. I wear my charms every day, usually 4-5 at a time and they've held up very well.
    I've only had a few of them that have lost a crystal.
    If they bang against each other like they might on a bracelet, they are more apt to lose a stone.
    That said, I don't let that keep me from wearing/using them, after all they are jewelry and meant to be used.
  12. So cute!
    I have the black eyeglasses from a while back, so just ordered the pink this time. Maybe if they go on clearance, I'll pick these up too.
  13. I love that these actually fold, very cute!
  14. I haven't seen these before, thank you for posting a picture! I'm glad you managed to get them again!
  15. O.T.
    Hey Juicylover & tatertot! (I tried multiple quote-it didn't work for me). I must have felt your spirits reaching out to me. :flowers: Haven't read the board in awhile. It just dawned on me yesterday that I haven't received an alert in awhile.
    Long-short, The rescue doggy didn't work out. I've lost a ton of money(donation, food, clothes, too many accessories, etc), time and had my already wounded heart ripped open again. The good news is my hubby is having a new Cocker Spaniel pup flown in for me on Monday afternoon from a professional championship breeder. I just need another 4 feet to love. I'm hoping starting all over again this time will be just what the doctor ordered.

    Here's a shot of my fur baby. Winning! :woot:

    Although he's initially going to be crate trained, here's a lil play bed I couldn't wait to buy for him! I love Crocs! :drool:

    Thank you so very much for checking up on me. I've been dragged down a dusty, rocky road or two...