Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

  1. Ouch! :lol: Based on what I've seen at our TJ Maxx, won't take the chance. Apparently the west coast gets the best first; what's left gets shipped to the east coast. Like that horrendous Huge Heart Fob!:yucky:
  2. I'm on the east coast, so I'm not sure that's actually true about the west getting first dibs. I passed on all the charms since it's pretty much the same price online right now
  3. Maybe it's just our TJM? Doesn't matter...am tired of even one day of running around to price-check charms. If it's not on-line or in a Boutique, guess I won't be getting it! :smile:
  4. I don't think of TJ Maxx's $24.99 price as that great. (A year ago the charms there were $14.99-$19.99). The charms they have now only retail for $42-48. Since they are 40% off on the Juicy website right now (like always it seems), that makes the same ones $25.20-$28.80. Shipping is free and if you use a shop thru program that makes for a bigger discount. If there is something sold out on the website you really want, at least call TJ Maxx before wasting your gas running all over town! ;)
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    Finally got my LE egg and birdbath charms. JC had to overnight them since they finally tracked the item and realized it just keeps going back and forth. I wonder if these two charms will be showing up at TJ Maxx soon too?
  6. Glad it all worked out for you! Sorry you had to go through so much. :search:

    Just when I thought they were sold out on the website, they pop back up again. Alien, Jupiter, and a bunch more. Are these returns or are the stores sending them back to JC?

    Plus the Cookie Jar and Cupcake were $58 each, so if TJM does get them, they won't be less than $24.99.

    And yes, I probably could call TJM to ask, but I really am not buying that many. Just the one's that sort of speak to me, if you know what I mean. Those Sunglasses are stuck in my head...oh well...tomorrow is another day.

    Thank you for the advice, though. It's appreciated. :smile:
  7. I just bought another strawberry shortcake charm as well as another lady bug but this time from TJ Maxx. My niece fell in love with those two charms. I was thinking about ordering them for her birthday next month. I have to say, I love sparkly charms. I know not all collectors like blingy charms but I just adore them. I always wanted a lady bug but was not too crazy about the two previous ones. Finally one that was a must have.
  8. Called stores... Cupcake, 2014 class ring, and sundae are in!
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395973420.916550.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395973438.655899.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395973478.551096.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395973577.709456.jpg
  10. This is my current collection.
    So small but I hope it will grow!!
  11. ^^^^^^Wonder if it a real charm? The Mexican Wrestler Mask Charm? Interesting....
  12. Shanibabe- Great pics of the cookie jar love it, yeah can't wait for the cupcake and sundae must haves for me I love a food charm
  13. That charm is just kind of creepy to me:p Don't get me wrong, I loved Nacho Libre but the mask is scary lol! Stopped at my TJ's today when I was running errands and they had all of the newest batch of charms for 24.99 a piece including the easter egg. They also had tons of the new Neon and Daisy jewelry all marked cheap and some clearance pieces. The charms on clearance were 10$ and they had a few of the giant Pave heart or star fobs for 10$ a piece also. I got away pretty easy with only nabbing the Ladybug and clearanced perfume bottle.

    I need to catch up on the back pages but I have not been able to be online much due to a family emergency and have missed you ladies. When I saw all the jewelry yesterday it made me think of you and I had to stop by this morning:flowers: Hope everyone is having a great spring so far.