Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

  1. So pretty, Love it!!
  2. Love the daisy bracelet. I was tempted to get the leather daisy stud bracelet that is on the Juicy website now, but yours is cuter. I ended falling in love with the pave heart and flower charm bracelet. I just got it today. I can't even find it on the website now. I love the little flowers!
    juicy flower bracelet 002.jpg
  3. Misty- Yeah mine is holding up well don't wear it that often though but hasn't scratched love all your pics you have been putting up hun
  4. I found myself just starring at this very bracelet on the website the other day. I not only like it, I also like the matching necklace-a lot! Love the little colored flowers... Too cute for words. Congrats on landing it!
  5. I'd have liked to see some different flavored/colored cupcakes too. Chocolate would be great, or white with colored sprinkles, or even that turquoise they do now. The chocolate doughnut with sprinkles they did a while back is really cute.
  6. Very pretty! I love JC jewelry, so unique and cute, and have several pieces.
    The JC jewelry has been hit & miss for me. Some things have held up well with many uses, but some others have lost stones or small pieces which may have been glued on. With the bangles, I've found the clasps are not reliable on some of them. I have had them fall off easily, but luckily I have only lost one (though it was my favorite).
  7. I bought this one also, it's so different from the other charm bracelets. I also picked up the coordinating bangle, because I like to stack bracelets and thought they would be cute together.
  8. Thank you! I wonder why it disappeared off the website. It didn't seem like it was on there long enough to sell out.
    I think we have similar taste. We have several of the same bracelets. I was tempted by the bangle too but I was trying to keep the cost down. It feels like I'm placing a new order every week! A couple of times I've done 2 orders in one day!
  9. I have a question regarding the white flower pot that says "Bloomin' Couture." Were there fakes made of this particular charm? There is one listed that has the top edge in gold while the base is white. I don't know if the color was worn out or if it was made like this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Quick answer....yes. Give me a day to find the website of the fake.
  11. Thanks Shanibabe!!! That would be very helpful. I have tried but so far no luck.
  12. So cute!!
  13. I went to TJ Maxx today. I got the music box charm for $24.99. I think that is a pretty good price. They had the lipstick for the same price, but the music box has so much more going on. I love all the stuff on the inside. I don't know why the TJ Maxx tag says compare at $44 when this was originally $58.
  14. Thank you!
  15. I saw that charm there as well the other day and was surprised. They also had the new Duckie and another new one I can't remember right now. They also had a few of the daisy pieces. It seems they are getting them the same time as the website now.

    Here is the Lepruchaun charm I have been using on my Mulberry Bayswater bag the last few days for St. Pat's.
    2014-03-13 19.10.08.jpg