Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

  1. Ironically, those fobs just went up but according to the SA at the Citadel Outlet they also already have the Flower/Butterfly fob. I recall that things don't hit the website until all the stores have it but now it appears things are hitting the website/stores and outlets simultaneously. And newer charms are at discount stores in record time? What's really going on Juicy? :rain:
  2. I was kind of surprised to see these charms at TJ Maxx so fast. I started thinking that maybe they will do away charms if not all the jewelry line. From what I remember, they started charms back in 2004 so maybe this being their 10th year anniversary will be their last. I hope I am wrong. I love JC charms. They are by far the best, IMHO.
  3. Oh my...my TJ Maxx also had the Silver Lipstick and the Daisy with the Butterfly a few days ago. They also had a beautiful butter-yellow Coach bag but that's for another thread. Sorry! :smile:
  4. I hope we're wrong but I agree with you in that the JC jewelry, charms included, is going to phase out.
  5. Misty, what's your take on that Daisy with the Butterfly charm? For some reason the picture doesn't "wow" me but I have the Daisy with the LadyBug, got it from Ross, and it's beautiful! The Daisy/Butterfly could be as nice I'm thinking. I would love to see a comparison pic of the two Daisy flowers. By the way, the Daisy fob looks incredibly beautiful! The center area seems to be a little different, more ornate, than the charm.
  6. GLL, so sorry to hear about your dog :sad:

    Quick update from the field: I just left the JC outlet in Estero, FL and they had 5 charms, love bug (car), daisy with butterfly, moon & stars, love birds and snake. The last time I visited this outlet two years ago they had 20-30 different charms.
  7. ^Thank you Huck.:cry: What do you think of the new Daisy?
  8. Here's a photo of two of the daisy charms


    They are pretty similar looking though there are differences, so I guess it just depends on whether one likes it enough.
  9. Thank you KR! That helps me tremendously!
  10. Found these:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394415032.758831.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394415050.271855.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394415063.101733.jpg
  11. GLL, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I had to put my dog down 2 years ago and I still cry when I think about him.
  12. Are the charms at TJ Maxx discounted more than the 40% on the Juicy website? I remember seeing one at Christmas time and it didn't seem like a bargain.
  13. Shanibabe- Can't wait for the cupcake so there is going to be 2 colors the base is the same as the last cupcakes looks like they open
  14. The Daisy Flower Charm with the Butterfly didn't do it for me. It's smaller than other Flower Charms and the color of the petals is sort of a dull "ecru."

    The Lipstick would have been one I like except it had more of a Pink lipstick...prefer Red.

    The price at TJ Maxx for each of the above was $24.99. Does that sound right?
  15. Hey Shanibabe - Great screen shots! (How in the heck do you do that?) Did I mention I'm a Cupcake and Hot Fudge Sundae foodie? I do believe they're part of the new "Food Pyramid," yes?