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  1. Did anyone else get the new catalog with the discount card inside with a code for 25% off?
    It says regular and sale priced items, and the code JCF12.

    I tried to place an order yesterday and when I went to check out it wouldn't apply the code, so tried again this morning and it still wouldn't take it. So I emailed chat and then customer service and they tried to tell me it was for in store only, and I explained to them that the catalog page and the card they sent, both said it could be used online.

    They refused to give me the discount, and told me to send a scan of the catalog page and the card to customer service, which I did along with an explanation of the problem.
    They emailed back and gave me a phone number and told me to call in and place my order and I would receive the discount.

    Well, when I called I explained the whole thing over again, read them the email I received, and they still refused to give me the discount, saying that it was a misprint, and there was no way for them to enter the discount when placing the order, and the SA tried to get me off the line. But I told them that was their problem now, because thousands of these catalogs with cards had been mailed out, with the online code and I insisted on speaking to the supervisor.

    Well, I guess the supervisor couldn't be bothered, because the same SA came back on the phone and told me that he would take the order and apply the discount. All of a sudden they could apply the discount, What a hassle!

    If anyone else tries to place an order online using that code, please tell us if it worked. I'd be interested in hearing if they will add the code in so it can be used online.
  2. wow KR, thats the kind of experience that would turn a first time juicy couture buyer away for good! horrible.
  3. Yeah, it's just another example of the poor communication between JC corp and the stores, and online sales, apparently. I once went to the JC store for a sale and the SA ringing me up didn't know anything about a sale that was supposed to be going on, so I had to go home and send her a scan of the email I had received for the discount. Another time the same thing happened and the manager had to look up the coupon online, and then call his section manager to get permission to give me the discount.
    The thing is the sales people are usually very sweet, but the news doesn't trickle down to them for some reason.
  4. When I went to JC last week to get some new items that had just gone on sale online (so i dont have to wait and pay for shipping!), the SAs didnt even know the items had gone on sale! They had to look them up. So I hear ya on the corp and stores, and website not being on the same page! They seem to have a problem with that.
  5. Yeah, I always take a copy of the email in with me now.

    So where has everyone been lately, very quite in here :tumbleweed:
  6. KatieR: I can totally relate to some services at Juicy. Sometimes, buying in the store itself, is not much better. Last year, when Juicy was having some sales that they were giving that $10 voucher, I went to buy some charms. I specifically asked to know which were on sale. I chose some charms and went to pay. Only one of the charms had the special pink discounted tag on but the SA told me all charms I had in hand were on sale. Well as I approached the register, she had another SA ring me up. I paid and left. As DH and I were on way to the car, I looked to check the receipt. Wouldn't you know it, only the one with the pink tag came out on sale. The other five charms were scanned without giving me the sale price. I had to go back, and had them adjust the price. Sadly, this almost happened a second time at a different store but I had to get the store manager to help because the regular SA did not know what was going on.
  7. I received my catalog and discount card in the mail today. Since I had read about your experience the other day, I compared my code to yours (it's the same) and placed some items that I've been eyeing in the cart. It automatically reduced the full price items by 25%, but nothing for the sale items. I haven't placed a call in yet, but since the card says for use in-store or online AND for use on full price and sale items, I'll be ensuring that I get the proper discount on the total purchase. I really don't understand how they can argue their way out of something that THEY set in place!
  8. Thanks VTFroggie. Yes, it's supposed to be sale items too! Well, that's good that they decided to stand by the advertisement they sent out. I didn't buy anything on sale, everything was regular price, so I didn't even go into that with them.
    They kept telling me it was a misprint, and acted like they couldn't be bothered with me, but there's going to be thousands like me trying to buy stuff online from now until Sept 23rd.

    BTW, I ordered the new leather bracelet and the new charm catcher, and I can post a photo when they come, if any one wants to see them.
  9. I am with you all on juicy reps not being informed. Only the ones that have been there for awhile seem to know what is going on. The newbies are clueless. There are only 2 juicy's in hawaii and I have found to get the same deal twice I have to bring the coupon with me to each one. What a pain right?? I've even learned to ask for coupons and sometimes they will give you extras or there is a promotion you don't know about. I havent received the catalog yet but I always seem to be the last hopefully. We still don't have the vote charm here which I want !! Did everyone buy the new dog charm? I definetly want the new halloween glow in the dark one and really hope the new bunny one is actually real.
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    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum! I'm a huge fan of JC charms. Found this site a while back and didn't have the time to sign up and lost the URL.

    Found you guys again while I was trying to decide whether to buy a charm from an eBay seller. Some of their charms looked "off" and when I googled their name came up here. Snow White Castle, in case you're curious. Last time I found y'all when I was looking at some meowmeowww.

    Thanks for the heads up on that JC discount card - got mine a few days ago.
    Not that I have read the entire thread, so maybe it's been mentioned - but have you noticed Nieman Marcus & Saks aren't selling JC charms anymore?
  11. Forgot to say, that bunny looks really cute & I hope it's real, too. But it should have come out at 2012 easter time, right?
  12. Hi and welcome to our Juicy Couture forum. I noticed that but the good news is that Macy's is now carrying them in the stores, and they often have sales.
  13. Thanks for the welcome! Good to know about Macy's since I work there. WIsh my store would carry them!
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