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  1. There is the coffee tumbler/travel mug. It is white, and has a pink design on front. There is also the teacup charm in gold or silver.
  2. Maybe it's the season, I know with kids home from school and vacations, eBay does slow down in the summer.

    Yes, looking forward to some halloween fun charms. How about one of those pumpkin looking containers, the one that the kids carry, filled with candy? wouldn't that be cute? Or a scarecrow?
  3. Do you think that 2013 graduation cap on eBay is real? If so, where the heck was 2012???

  4. Here's one of my favorite themes to wear. My ice cream charms...

  5. I was wondering the same thing. The tag looks like it's from a box that came out in 2009, but it's not a sequential YJRU# for the other graduation caps that came out that year. I know that the 2012 graduation cap came out in 2009, but I seriously can't believe that they didn't release anything else this year that was graduation related!

    Love all of the ice creams, KatieRose! Seeing that four scoop cone makes me think of my recent trip to Italy (and all of the gelato that I consumed while I was there!). That charm continues to elude me, but one day I intend to add it to my collection!
  6. Thanks, I love the sweets charms, and especially love the chubby ice cream charms, lol.
  7. I just got the pill charm at bloomingdales for less than $9 !
  8. Stopped at the JC outlet yesterday and everything in the store was 40% off!
    Including the already marked down charms. Unfortunately there were no charms there that I needed, so didn't buy anything.
  9. yep, I was there yesterday bought some earrings but didn't find any charms I wanted to buy . I did just buy the english taxi and the green tea charm. There is a deal to get 25 % off in stores AUG25 on regular priced items. It may work online also but I am not sure since shipping here is ridiculous. My juicy girl called me and I used it at more than one juicy store. Happy shopping everyone. :happydance:
  10. It doesnt work online. I tried:sad:
  11. I have noticed recently that listings for the seahorse charm are appearing very often. I noticed a seller selling multiples for $49.99 each. I have a feeling they are fake but they look almost identical to the reference thread. So far, seller has sold 4 of them.
  12. I have seen a lot of sea horse charms lately.
    I haven't paid much attention to who is selling them, but sometimes sellers use a photo of the real charm and send out fake charms. I've had the misfortune of buying from sellers like that. They buy the real charm, take photos, and sell the charm over and over again, but send out fake charms.
  13. I'd like to look at those seahorse charms. I am always searching but never see any.

    Not even in the sold (I like to torture myself I guess)
  14. These are the newest boxes coming out and I can confirm that will be an upcoming release;) I have also heard that the Spider Web will in fact be a release along with a few others but the Corgi, while adorable I cannot confirm. HTH:flowers:
Thread Status:
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