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  1. It's much cuter IRL than any of the pics I've seen of it.
  2. Good! I'm excited to see it!
  3. I received my new charms, the Cardinal and Green Tea charms are really cute, and the new Cat is adorable. I'm so happy we finally got a cute cat/kitten charm after so many dog charms.
    I like the bird charms so I am happy with the Cardinal, and I like green tea so this new tea charm is a nice addition.

    Did anyone else get any of the new charms?
  4. I never order from SBB, but I will get them from my store when they are in stock. I'm glad you like them & that all are cute.
    The cardinal can be for our St. Louis Cardinals!
  5. LOL. yes for those in your area.

    So are the new charms in the JC stores yet? I haven't been there in so long, I need to get in and see what's new.
  6. Oh I would love to see pictures of your new charms if you have time.which ones are you wearing first?
  7. The new batch will probably show in the store next week. The last batch our store didn't receive all of them. They didn't get several of the gemstone charms, Vote charm & the fox.
  8. I agree! I received the new one's today and love the kitty. I also thought they did a nice job with the Cardinal and Tea. The boot is really simple IRL but still cute for a garden theme I think.

    Here ya go;) I clipped the Tea on my little Balenciaga coin purse when it arrived.
    july charms 004.JPG july charms 006.JPG july charms 015.JPG july charms 024.JPG
  9. Thanks, I always wonder why the JC stores don't get the full line of charms.
    I hope you got the Fox charm someplace else, because it is the very cutest. The Vote charm was also a must for me since JC has put out so few patriotic charms.

  10. Probably the kitty charm it's so cute.

  11. Nice photos, thanks!
    I like the rain boot charm too, even though it's a little plain, it's more lifelike to me. Could be paired with the Umbrella charm too.

  12. This was the first time in quite a while that every charm didn't come in.

    I did order the Vote charm & fox. I think the Vote is deal, especially with this an election year. I thought the fox is one of the cutest animal charms that Juicy has released.

    I had my doubts about the cat, but after seeing pictures, it looks really cute.
  13. I bought the new charm silk scarf thanks to who ever posted about it

    I wanted the one that came out last year but I couldn't get it anywhere here

    But rang all the Uk stores straight away this time and found one and got them to ship to me and LOVE IT!!:yahoo::yahoo::biggrin:
  14. From the photo above, the green tea looks like a water bottle. I still like it though.
  15. I agree. I think it looks like gaterade. lol.

    Juicylover---I cant wait to get that scarf.....I missed out on the one last year too!
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