Juicy Charms - The Addiction Continues PART II

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  1. don't worry. i am not bidding on it. maybe will look later on evil bay if it will appear. now have to be good and stop buying charms for a while. Hope I can do it. :biggrin:
  2. beck, btw i just went to our local JC store. they're having a big sale! most charms are slashed down to SGD66-77. :biggrin: my gf got me the silver ice cream as a belated xmas gift! it's too bad i didn't fancy any of the rest... and some of the ones i like were not on sale!

    and they also got the new tiger charms! i don't like it all that much though...

  3. thanks for the info. i went in today but did not see much coz I was rushing for time. Did you see the London Bus on sale? I was interested in that.

    maybe i should drop by again. I wanted to see the Ferris Wheel.
  4. there wasn't a bus but they did have the phone booth and guard with the big hat. they also had the polar bear, eiffel tower, squirrel, football helmet, ballerina, tiered cake, polaroid camera, takeout box in gold, silver gingerbread house, LE bat, brown purse... that's all i can remember!

    the ones not on sale are the beehive, rollerskate, cocktail shaker, banana split, all the sterling silver ones... and a few more i can't remember! i love the beehive but i'm not paying S$100 for it!
  5. forgot to say...

    watk, LVBD and puka, thanks for understanding! :heart: :heart:
  6. Dragonette do you have the tierred cake already? Congrats on the silver ice cream cone! I have and love that one!
  7. yes i do! i'm not sure i like it though... it's one big chunk of cake and not enough details! one of my guy buddies says it's nice though...
  8. I can't wait for the Tiger charm! I may go over to the store this weekend to see if they have it or anything else new in-store.
  9. I also would love to see the tiger charm!
  10. So um..what is the pink design on the tiger? idk bout that
  11. The tiger charm is cute!

    Dragonette, I know what you mean about the cake not having enough detail but the tiny strawberries are what make the cake for me and it's cake which I love!
  12. OH...my bad it's love G & P :smile:
  13. luvmysheps22- It looks like the G&P plastered on the back. I still want the charm though. I can't wait till its here!
  14. I think it's collar is super cute:graucho:
  15. luvmysheps- I agree I love the collar too. I wonder when it will show up here?
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