Juicy Charms on sale!

  1. Hi all -

    Just wanted to pass this on - I just came from the Juicy store on Geary st in san francisco and they were doing an extra 25% marked down items throughout the store. They had about 10 different charms on sale - the padlock, scottie (17.99!), high heeled black shoe, holiday scottie, birthday cake, checkbook, and a few others - most were under 40 plus the extra 25% off!

    Just wanted to pass this on - I'm stopping by after work to get one or two ;) Not quite sure if they do charge sends, but the people there were so kind!

    Happy shopping!
  2. Wow!
    I know Bloomie's here (not sure if this is all Bloomie's) have the rest of the holiday ones on sale like the tophat, snowman and lightbulb for 25% off.
  3. Ooo I could use some charms for my juicy bracelet, too bad its not closer to me.
  4. ^If you really wanted I could pick one up for you :smile:

    I'm trying my hardest to not give in and buy about 6 of them, haha!

    Juicy Flagship store at Grant/Geary ave
    (415) 391-1362
  5. Ohhh thanks im going to tell my good friend to check it out for me. is it just the JC store in SF im going to have to check out Valleyfair JC store. hope they have a sale also since i have a store credit
  6. tnx for the info!
  7. I just bought two at Nordies for full price :sad:
  8. Aww thanks! I think I am going to refrain for now. I just went on a juicy binge and must hold back. :flowers:
  9. anna - not too sure - you can try calling the valley fair one and ask. they did have some bags (leather fluffy, a daydreamer, few more velour ones), scarves, hats, a few wallets, and some other things also included on the extra 25% off deal.
  10. alright!!! thanks for sharing!! :tup: do you know how long the 25% sale is going on? I'd like to stop by on Sat...I love that store, it's the best one in the bay!
  11. Thanks!
  12. I'm going to check during lunch tomorrow if it doesnt rain too hard.
  13. wow. i just called my friend about this. She works downtown and will check it out Fri at lunchtime! thanks for the tip!! :tup:
  14. I did go to the one at San Francisco center - they did have different charms on sale (one I really wanted) - but they weren't doing the extra 25% off!

    The gals at the one on Geary were really kind - so hats off to them :smile:
  15. i'll stop by!
    thanks for the info..