Juicy Charms on a key chain?

  1. I really love the Juicy charms but I'm not big on charm bracelets. Anyone put them on key rings? I would love to see some pics!!

    I also found this key fob! What do you think?
  2. Sounds cute, and that keyring is pretty.

    But I drop my keys all the time and have broken a couple of key fobs in the past, so now I only use key fobs that can't break or that won't get damaged when dropped. I wouldn't want to take the chance with my charms. That's just me though, it may work for others.

    There are a lot of ways to wear the charms, they can be worn on necklaces, or bags. Here's a thread showing different ways to wear them.

  3. Since I just broke 2 of my charms(they were on a bracelet and I tossed some hay to my horses so they must of banged together)one is pretty much unfixable the other is missing stones....with that said...I personally would not advise putting them on a keychain...I doubt they would stay in good condition...maybe try hooking one on your purse(I have a LV Speedy and they look fabulous hanging on one of the metal ring like things that hold the handle onto the purse)...or try putting one on a zipper pull of your jacket or purse or wallet...and the link that Katierose is a good way to get ideas!!Just be creative and have fun!!:tup:
  4. Oh yea....what a cute key fob!!!:okay:
  5. Thanks!
  6. I agree, I think they would get broken far too easily.
  7. So far I only have my charms on my bags. I'm contemplating a bracelet, but right now I just use them to adorn my purses. I have a Juicy Keyfob on my RM Nikki, and can add a few more charms to that one. Just haven't downloaded the pics yet. Someone here had a great display cabinet, and that looked wonderful. Not sure what thread it was on. I would be afraid to put my charms on my key ring. There is too much going on on my keyring, and my keyring takes a lot of abuse.