Juicy Charms - 2011 Year in Review


Feb 3, 2009
I agree, 2011 has been my favorite year of charms. Idk what juicy was thinking with the mini charms, friend charm, crazy cat, and red eyed dog. Other than that I highly enjoyed charms this year. There were sooo many favorite charms this year, so my vote went to the ones I thought were most detailed. I forgot about the carton of eggs though!

Im not really a bird lover lol, but I do think the bird charms are alway well detailed. I LOVE cats, and I'm partial to Persians. If Juicy made a detailed Persian charm I would love it! It seemed like juicy made a lot of dog charms this year, maybe 2012 goes to the cats? Although I do hope a Pomeranian charm comes out soon for my mom. Out of all the dog charms this year, I loved the poodle, and weenie dog :biggrin: