Juicy charm theme ideas and pics!

  1. Someone had the great idea of having a thread specificly for charm theme ideas and also pictures of themes you have made! Love this idea so here it is!

    I know there are lots of imaginative ladies with great themes out there so feel free to post them here! You can also add to other people's themes too!
  2. My theme I have been working on is a wedding theme as I have a friend planning a wedding. It would be my old wedding cake charm with the banner around it, the champagne bottle, the champagne glass, and the engagement ring. Is there any more that would be cute??
  3. aww so cute!! maybe one of the heeled shoes?

  4. I did a similar theme based on my own wedding...

    I had the engagement ring, the champagne glass, and the cowboy boot.
    (we wore cowboy boots to our wedding)
    Someday, when I'm lucky enough to score the wedding cake and the cowboy hat, I'll wear them, too.

    Your theme sounds cool though, if you take any pics, you should post them!
  5. ^^^thanks:smile: still have to aquire the champagne bottle and glass though. tam0o, I was thinking the clear sparkly high heel shoe:smile:
  6. I'm working on collecting these charms for my Disney theme:

    Vanity Mirror - Beauty & the Beast
    Princess Carriage - Cinderella
    Apple - Snow White
    Genie Lamp - Aladdin
    Fairy - Peter Pan
  7. I'm working on collecting these charms for my Jimmy Buffett theme (yes, I'm a parrothead!):

    - Margarita
    - Hamburger
    - Parrot
    - Palm Tree
    - Flamingo
  8. Great themes snowflake! You could also do the silver heel for cinderella:smile:
  9. love this idea !

  10. Maybe you could add a boat of some sort in there too. I was also thinking of buying the margarita charm to commemorate my love of all things Jimmy Buffett.
    I love the hamburger... can't have a Buffett theme without your Cheeseburger in Paradise!

    Parrotheads unite!:yahoo:
  11. I know! I thought about that...the sailboat would work for "Son of a Sailor." And if only the new clock charm was set at 5 o'clock...that would work for "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere." Oh...and the Eiffel tower would work for "He Went to Paris." lol
  12. OHHHH...I just saw that there's a new sailboat coming out! The pic is up on SBB!
  13. Even though my husband isn't fond of this particular charm...the Leo zodiac charm could work for The Lion King. It is a lion with a crown!
  14. i just had an idea for an all snow white theme
    pave apple
    wishing well
    would love to get my hands on a sparrow and fawn lol
  15. I am hoping to find JC anchor stud earrings.
    Any suggestions?