Juicy Charm Suggestions!

  1. Yes, these are great ideas to add to the existing fairy tale theme! Thanks! :smile: The list I originally compiled is for ones that could be created in the future. The bitten apple that is on pre-order at SBB would be a great one for Snow White. :biggrin:

    Also, we could add the princess carriage for Cinderella and the sword for Sword in the Stone.
  2. I just love the unicorn they brought out. So i would like them to make a mythical creature line. So you could have a bracelet with things like the Unicorn, Gryphon, dragon, phoenix, werewolf or a faun.

    I think that would be a great bracelet.
  3. I just thought of one today; don't think it has been suggested. An Eagle, symbol of the United States. Also, what about a flag!

    There seems to be dogs influx; what about a collie or German Shepard?
  4. I agree!

    I want a collie.

    (and a re-issued Seahorse)
  5. :bump:

    There have been such great ideas in the charm chat thread, so I thought this should be bumped!
  6. As a newbie it is so cool to see all the charm ideas that came to fruition since this thread was started almost 4 years ago. Thanks so much to the creative charmies here who have brought great ideas to life. And it really does it make it seem like some charm designer somewhere reads our type of crazy.
  7. How about:
    A Husky /sled dog
    A New York street vendor coffee cup, you know the blue and white paper ones, ubiquitous in NYC
    A Maltese dog
    A mandolin!
  8. ^^ this!
  9. What about a campfire? I think it could be really pretty, the wood could be painted brown enamel and the flames maybe a mixture of painted enamel with some crystals thrown in
  10. All wonderful ideas! I would definitely like a campfire, since we used to camp so much.
  11. I would love to see a dragon for Chinese New Year or a Mexican sombrero to go with the margarita, pinata, and maracas for Cinco de Mayo. Ooh, how about a leprechaun for St. Patty's Day.