Juicy Charm Collectors, What other non Juicy items you collect?

  1. I was reading the juicy charm collection thread and I was curious to ask if anybody that collect charms have anohter non juicy obsession? For example I love makeup and collect some of the limited edition items but of course makeup will expire at some point and I have to get rid of some stuff. What do you collect??

  2. I collect all kinds of things including books, folk art, jewelry & even bags, my house is full of "stuff". LOL
    I go through phases, obsessed with one thing or the other until something else catches my eye.
  3. Like KatieRose, I go through phases with things (not necessarily just collecting, but with getting so engrossed in something for months to years at a time, and then being over it).

    I really don't have that much that I collect. Besides JC charms, all I can currently think of is nail polish, hand bags, and Coach keyfobs. Though I must say, my handbag and keyfob collecting has all but come to a halt over the last 8 months, since I've been focusing my efforts on Juicy charms.
  4. I collect Hello Kitty stuff, records, rabbits, and lawn gnomes :smile:

    I used to collect, at various times in my life, pins (the button kind), unicorns, makeup, M&M's stuff, and keychains.
    Most of those have tapered off as I've gotten older though, but I still will buy one of something when I find it especially appealing.
    My close friends would probably tell you I collect bags and shoes, but I really don't, lol
  5. Coach keyfobs & Willow Tree figurines.
  6. Ah, I completely forgot... I also collect coca-cola stuff. Mostly just here and there these days b/c I have a lot of it.
  7. Great collections everyone, thank for sharing, now that I read some of your collections, I just realize that I have been collecting without realizing, I have so many keychains and coffee mugs from places that I have been.

    I love purses, shoes and jewelry but since I don't have as much as I would love to I feel like I don't have a collection yet LOL...
  8. I think if one collects one thing, they probably collect others as well. We probably have a stronger "hunter gatherer" instinct than others who don't collect.
    I know I have to rein myself in when something else attracts my eye, because I can't afford to be collecting too many things at one time, nor do I have the room to store much more "stuff." So for example, I collect the JC charms, but I limit my other jewelry purchases to only charm related items, because I like to make jewelry so already have more than enough.

    Also I'm the type that once I have something, I never want to let it go, as in sell something to buy something else. I'm always amazed when someone gets bored with their charms and then sells them off.
  9. I am this same way - if I see something cute that comes in multiples, I feel I should run the other way to avoid buying them all up :lol: I recently came across a Fossil Charm at Nordstrom Rack, so nice & detailed (a little rotary dial phone)! Now I am stalking some on eBay :graucho:
  10. Glitterycupcake, I have seen some of those charms before on some department stores, and I love them too, I did not purchase any but I think they are super cute :smile:)
  11. Whoa,hoarder alert!
    Just kidding!

    I also collect pandora, louis vuitton, and coach.

    And books!love them.

    I have an assortment of hair clips, and vinyl records, and cleaning products for the house too.

    Also I like cute pink stuff.
  12. I collect charms..... now starting out with juicy charms but i just collect any charm i love. But the juicy couture charms are going to be the most expensive ones i have.

    I also collect: wax seal stamps, (old) books, autographs (movie related), dvd/bluerays, movie related merhandise and a lot more (cannot think of them now).

    And anything i want but cannot buy i try to make myself. Like i love the book of shadows from the Charmed tv series. But i could not buy one so i made one myself. I've added a youtube link if anyone would like to see it.


    BTW i cannot draw at all... the pages of the book are printed. I've spend years collecting them all online. The ones i could not find i made with my computer by editing printscreens from the series.
  13. There is a new TV show, Collection Obsession. I watched the 1st episode and it had some Star Wars fanatics on it. THe 2nd guy collected Cat Woman items. It was pretty interesting, even though I am not into Star Wars or Cat Woman all that much.

    I hope they get around to some things I really like.

    Besides JC charms, I collect Silpada, nail polish ....and clothing. Waaaaay too many clothes.
  14. Besides JC charms, I collect their other jewellery :p
    But I also collect bathing suits, jeans and Coach items (mostly wristlets)!
  15. Oh, I forgot to mention, I collect kitchen gadgets & stuff to cook with. I sold Pampered CHef for a while and at one point had most of their catalog.:shame: They kept restyling stuff though so I've gotten rid of a lot of things. Plus working at Macy's there are similar things to tempt me.

    A recent purchase on ebay was some retro copper jello molds. A library book with jello recipes got me interested in those.