Juicy Charm Bracelet

  1. I was thinking of getting one of these (goldtone) for my daughter. She is 16. The braclelet feels so heavy, even with just the one starter charm - do any of you have it, what do you think of it?
  2. My 12 year old daughter has the starter bracelet with 1 extra charm. It is rather heavy. She does not wear it all the time. Its cute.
  3. I have one and I only wear it with all the charms I can fit on it when I know i won't be doing anything with my hands. It make an awful racket and is very heavy. I usually wear the charms on a juicy necklace i have one at a time.
  4. The bracelet is really heavy, I'm 15 and I have one. It also makes a REALLY loud noise when it hits a hard surface, and honestly, it's a bit annoying when I wear it to school because I can't write while it's on my arm. Also, the gold is so bright it's kind of hard to wear with anything else... Lastly, it's a bit big for me... I've worn it maybe twice since I got it half a year ago.

    I still love it though!
  5. i have it and im 13. i have 4 charms on it.

    its really loud. i have to take it off when i write at school
  6. I have one.. and it is heavy and really really long on me. I love the look of it though but I rarely wear it !
  7. it's heavy at first but you get used to it
    i have two charms on mine
  8. I have a question... does anyone remember how much it was when it first came out? One of my friends got like the first model, and I remember that it was supposedly pretty expensive at the time. Did Juicy ever make these in solid 14k gold or am I just crazy?
  9. not sure about the it being solid gold but i do know that the bracelet was about $30 something like 35...38 something like that when it came out.
  10. I don't think they ever came in solid gold, either, but maybe one of the JC experts over in our usual thread could tell you for sure. Our thread is in chatterbox-feel free to post your questions there
  11. I have one that is full of charms I don't find it that heavy to be honest, it might be because i am used to it or because i always wear jewellery whether it be my juicy which i love as i always get compliments or arms full of bangles!

    you should definetly get her one she will love it and enjoy collecting the charms

  12. You should defninitely get her one. I don't wear mine a lot since it is heavy, but it is fun to wear with one or two charms on it. She might like a charm catcher necklace too. They are great for wearing charms on and you don't have to worry as much about damaging the charms when they are on the necklace.
  13. yes, i think the first retail price was $35.

    i don't find it that heavy, but it is obtrusive, especially if you work on a computer or do a lot with your hands. i only wear one charm on it at a time or it looks too young for me, imho. i have the juicy KO of the hermes kelly watch and i wear two charms on it. it's a leather band, so it's super lightweight and doesn't get in the way because the charms sit at the top of your wrist, not dangling from the bottom.

    i think a 16 year old girl would love one though! even if she doesn't wear it a ton, it will be nice for special occasions and to display her charms should she start collecting them.