Juicy charm boxes what do they mean ?

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  1. I'm new at collecting charms Ive seen photos of different color boxes online i know the light pink and silver striped boxes are silver color charms the pink and brown boxes are the classic gold charms the gold boxes are limited edition but I've also seen black and blue boxes and hot pink boxes

    speaking of boxes I'm looking to get an empty one for my tropical cocktail charm does anybody know where i can get one ? on ebay there are 3 of these charms for sale 2 are in a pink lined box and one in blue lol I'm confused
  2. Tuptake posted this on the main charm thread recently regarding the different boxes.

    Brown w/Pink Terry - Regular Gold Clasp Charms

    Black w/Blue Terry Lining - Early 2006 and Earlier Charms

    Gold w/Pink Velour - LE Charms

    Silver w/Pink Velour - Sterling Silver Charms

    Hot Pink/Magenta w/Pink Terry - First Issue Silver Clasp Charms

    Light Pink and Silver Stripe w/Pink Terry - Silver Clasp Charms

    see post #439 of the following thread


    One can pick up the empty boxes on ebay sometimes.

    There was a transitional period when Juicy was changing from the blue to pink lined boxes, so there are some charms that come in both pink & blue boxes.
    Sometimes the sellers don't have the original boxes, or perhaps the boxes get mixed up if they're not labeled, and the seller's not sure what goes with what. Also I noticed when I was at the outlet that some charms were in the wrong boxes, so it could happen just about any way.
  3. cool thanks for the info and i looked on ebay for a box and i couldnt find any i also asked at an outlet store they said they didnt have any
  4. I'm pretty sure the tropical cocktail was released when Juicy was transitioning from blue terry to pink terry lined boxes, so some got released in blue, some pink. Either box would work for your charm. Keep checking back on eBay, empty charm boxes are listed quite often! Good luck!!