Juicy + Chanel x Pucci = ?

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  1. from Nordstrom
    Juicy Couture 'Georgie' Satin Shopper
    Boldly printed satin tote is styled with a chunky goldtone chain and cutout logo medallion.

    * Hidden magnetic closure.
    * Interior zip, cell phone and PDA pockets.
    * Satin lining.
    * Polyester with leather trim.
    * By Juicy Couture; imported.


  2. i prefer the metallic gold suede
  3. it could be fun for spring!! Picture it with a flowy kakhi skirt, white tanktop flip flops, gold jewerly and a blue ribbon in ur hair! :smile:
  4. it's exactly as what u said, juicy+chanel+pucci!lol!
    it comes with the style of Chanel coco cabas with pucci design print and have juicy crown+logo!LOL!!!

    i guess ppl can save money by buying this bag, it's 3 in 1!;) i personally prefer chanel cabas.hehehe
  5. that is so funky. and you are right on. It is the juicy love child of the coco cabas a nd a pucci scarf.
  6. I saw it irl and its cute..
  7. It look so Pucci to me. Very cute lovely bag in golden.
  8. That formula is RIGHT ON! Haha! I do like it - but only for spring/summer, and only with the right outfit.
  9. after belonging to this forum long enough, i knew exactly what you were talking about when i read the subject... lol i pictured something similar to that in my head before seeing the picture!

    at least TPF has educated me! hehe know i know what crossbred hangbags look like ;)