Juicy chain with my cosmetic case (lotsa pics!!)

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  1. ok so after seeing what Pattythelegend and SweetPurple had done with their cosmetic cases (added a chain or a strap), i thought it would be cool to do something similar with my miroir cosmetic case. :yes: But since mine is silver I needed a silver chain (plus I don't have any LV chains or straps). Sooooo, today I went to Juicy Couture (in Century City) in a search for something to do the trick. And I found it!!

    Original price was $88, but it was on sale for $26 !!! :nuts:

    Here is the first way I attached it (just at the end):

    Attached this way, it can be used as a wristlet:

    Here is another way I attached it (I like this way a lot better):

    I think it looks really cute like this!!

    If you don't want to see the lock, can just clasp hand over it:

    sorry for so many pics! i just thot some ppl may be interested in seeing this. i think my cosmetic case looks more like an evening purse now with this little chain on it. hehee
  2. and here's a modeling pic (please excuse the very un-flattering jeans!!!) :push:

    another modeling pic (excuse the flash, was needed as room was dark)

    and I think they had these chains in the gold as well, in case anyone is wondering...
  3. Oh that is adorable!! It looks like it was made for the cos case!
    Way to go, great imagination!
  4. Very cute, good idea !
  5. OMG, this is super cute. Match made in the stars. I have to admit I was never a fan of the mirror until now, I am :drool: right now.
  6. So cute. I love it.!!!!!
  7. OMG, that is sooo cute! It makes such a gorgeous evening bag! What a great idea!
  8. gorgeous!!!!
  9. very cute, wonderful idea
  10. That is soooo cute and I like it by itself! Is it a necklace?
  11. Very Clever!!
  12. i love that!
  13. yay sweetneet! Great job ... I love it!
  14. WOW! That looks really good... :yes:
  15. Awesome! What a brilliant idea!