JUICY bracelet, how many charms?

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  1. I did a search and although alot of threads came up that contained JUICY Couture I couldn't dig up my answer or multiple answers/opinions!!!

    I'm a jewelry JUNKIE but with the exception of key pieces I mostly go with costume. I just bought the JUICY starter bracelet and wonder...how many charms? Do you gal's where several at a time, change out and only do one at a time? How do they wear (as far as damage to the charms?)

    Is there a right or wrong way to wear them? Can I go with gold tone charms on the silver tone bracelet?
    I'm a total NEWBIE to this since JC is a little "girly" for me it's taken me awhile to actually take the plunge!!!
  2. I don't think there is a "right or wrong" way to do it. I normally do not put my charms on a bracelet (I do have the starter one). It's wayyy to heavy. I usually put my charms on a necklace or zipper pulls on my purses. But I know some ladies that do wear charms on their bracelets. Maybe pop into the Juicy area--- there's a thread all about charms.