Juicy bracelet and charms - am I too old?

  1. Please be honest -I'm 32, a mom, I look my age. Am I too old for a juicy bracelet and charms? My 21 yr old SIL thinks I am, and I normally am a fine jewelry girl, but these are so cute and affordable... But do you think I'm tool old for Juicy?

    Thanks for your honest feedback!
  2. 32! no way, if you like it get one, 32 is not too old!
  3. Yeah, I think you're too old. You have plenty of options for affordable charm bracelets without having to wear plastic-y stuff that say "4 EVER LOVE."
  4. No i dont think so.
  5. Clumpy - totally agree on the 4 ever love bit, not really into the charms that say stuff.
  6. Juicy has cute charms, but you can find vintage charm bracelets that are made from real gold, and will last you a lifetime. I wouldn't say you're too old, but why not up the cache a bit and get real gold?
  7. I totally agree! I have a juicy charm bracelet and I am 24, but I really don't wear it at all b/c I find it rather cumbersome and heavy. If I do wear it, I only have one charm on. I just got a charm bracelet from swarovski Lovlots collection. I also wear one charm at a time.
  8. I have a gold charm bracelet - I've been thinking these are a fun alternative to me wearing my good jewelry everyday...but I dont want to seem like I'm trying to be 21 again either...know what i mean?
  9. No way, I think they're kind of disposable and fun. Although I think some of their charms aren't age appro, there's tons of cute ones that are. :biggrin:
  10. I like clipping the charms I have on my bag. They're so cute! (BTW I'm 35, so I don't think you're too old for Juicy charms)
  11. I think thats cute too! So there is a gold starter bracelet and one charm I think is cute - should I go for it?
  12. Okay. I totally know what you mean.

    The Juicy charms are really cute. To be more "age appropriate" maybe wear 3-5 on a bracelet at a time, instead of one loaded up. Or as Melissa71 suggested, put it on a handbag or something like that.

    They are supercute charms.
  13. go for it!
  14. If you like them (and I agree, many of them are very cute!), why not?! :biggrin:

    From what you say, it sounds as if you have good taste and are more than able to reject the ones that are unsuitable.
  15. the juicy charms are so large and childish looking, but I see mostly the over 30 set wearing them. if you are comfortable in them, wear them, but I do not think they look that great, the look what they cost, cheap. not trying to be mean, but you can do better!