juicy bags at tj maxx and marshalls

  1. If anyone is looking for some juicy bags for gifts. they have had tons of bags and wallets. my eight year old daughter loves juicy. I bought her a little pink leather juicy bag with all the little gold charms and things on it plus the matching wallet for $110, at TJ Maxx this week. Marshalls has some too. Even large bags.
  2. With the 20% off at shirleyandcompany.com, the new ones are a great deal. The jewelry is a nice gift too .... for me!
  3. wow thanks! I didnt know that Marshalls and TJ Maxx carried Juicy stuff...
  4. I've been seeing a lot of higher end stuff at Marshall's lately, names I never thought I'd see at a discount store. I saw a lot of Juicy also.
  5. which tj maxx did you go too? and what style did you get?
  6. Lots of Juicy sunglasses at TJ Maxx too. $59.99 a pair.
  7. I saw a juicy bowler for $99 at Marshall, they also have a lot of juicy wallets. Nordstrom Rack have them too. This is at the supermall in Auburn, WA.
  8. I went to the one in NK Rhode Island. (My trick is to look for the pink and brown box when looking for the wallets).
  9. Bah, my Marshalls never has anything good :sad:
  10. I think you should be careful of the jewelry for kids- isnt it made in china -its probably chock full of lead. i hate to be a downer but its really a serious problem if you know the facts of lead poisoning! a kids put their necklaces in their mouths and touch hands and put hands in ther mouths etc... frightening!
  11. It's not painted or anything so why would lead be an issue?
  12. Man, my TJ*Maxx SUCKS compared to you alls....
  13. What color was the bowler? That 20% off site only had it as a special order.
  14. No TJ Maxx or Marshalls in Hawaii, sniff.....only Ross.:crybaby:
  15. dont forget loehmanns! they always have juicy stuff like little bags and underwear. and they usually have clothing on their clearance racks.