Juicy at Shirley And Company

  1. I have been looking for a good deal on The new juicy Couture Jacquard Bowler that is selling for $ 295 I wanted this bag in black Shopbop had the black one on sale for$ 205 about a two weeks ago, but thsy would not let me use a promo code because it was on sale. They so claim they sold out and would not be getting any more. They also had the neutral that I could use the promo on but it was Full Price and no where as much of a discount as the black. I found it at Nordstroms and I have been waiting two weeks to see if it was on sale and now it finally is, but i am always looking for a good deal with free shipping. i found the website Shirley and company and I took a chance and emailed them this is what they said

    Hi Tammie,
    Yes, I will definitely match the lowest price, plus free shipping, on the
    black bowler bag. When you or someone on the Purse Forum wants to make a
    purchase, just send an email through the "contact us" button, and I will
    install a special promotion code.
    Thank you so much, I would appreciate your sharing with the other ladies
    on the Purse Forum!

    Shirley and Co.
    250 Young Ave.
    Moorestown N.J. 08057
    So Please shop here for all your Juicy Couture Needs and if you see Juicy on another web site just email they and they will match the price.:yahoo:
  2. She told me she will match the price of all the Juicy Couture handbags not just the bowler.

  3. HAHA..this is my bathing suit store!
    I got my 11 yr old her JUICY bags there HALF OFF!!
    i SPENT OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS there the last visit..LOVE IT!
  4. When did you get her this bag and what type was it?
  5. Thanks for the tip littlewing!
  6. hmm.. thanks its cool that she does price matches. thanks the tip!
  7. What a nice response Cindy gave you! Those are the things I think about when I'm ready to spend :yes: Awesome.
  8. I just ordered the pink satchel and got 20% off...
    I can't wait for it to come!
  9. Littlewing....did you get your Juicy bag yet?
  10. Jill...the bathing suits look nice...thanks!
  11. I got my Juicy Couture Bowler bag from Shirleyandcompany this weekend and I LOVE IT!!!!:yahoo:
  12. I got my pink satchel today! I LOVE mine too!
  13. I remember seeing a website with tons of juicy sweatsuits (terry, velor, etc.) on sale.. anyone know of what it could be? do you think they would match the price? tia!
  14. www.shirleyandcompany.com has a lot of sweatsuits too....

  15. Hi Jill....when did you get the bags for your daughter?