Juicy at Love Bubble

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  1. Some great buys on Juicy cloths here but sizes are very limited.
  2. Yes, they do!!! I love shopping there.
  3. Sorry to break it to you, but they sell fakes.
  4. Really? how do you know?
  5. I'm thinking fake also after I looked up the Rock & Republic Jeans. Those prices are so low.
  6. I bought a pair of Citizens jeans there 2 months ago and they were horrible fakes... luckily they let me get a refund and had decent customer service.. but it was still a pain :/
  7. I've never bought any jeans, but my juicy stuff was not fakes & I buy from the Juicy boutique here in Atlanta. If they are fakes then they are the best I've ever seen. Like I said I can't speak for jeans because I never buy jeans online.
  8. everything they sell are extremely fake. the jeans looking so fake is one thing, but their juicy is even worse. it's super shiny. if you want to see all the fakes of anything, google "tong kong".
  9. I would edit that out. It's almost promoting fakes inadvertently.
  10. oops sorry. i don't have the option to edit now. =(
  11. Sorry I brought it out to light gang. Some bad vibes about it from a few and better safe than sorry.
  12. Authentic Juicy tracksuits are never sold as sets, always separates.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.