Juicy Acorn Charm

  1. Does anyone have the Juicy acorn charm? I'm thinking of getting it for a friend, but my local Saks doesn't carry Juicy charms. How big is it? Is it easy to hang on a handbag or do you have to wear it on a bracelet/necklace?
  2. I think Juicy makes those charms for their charm bracelets. I have one and it's really cute. But I'm sure if you want, you could use it as a decoration for other things or a pendant..
  3. juicy charms are sooo cute, but a little too colourful for my liking

    Tiffany's charm bracelets :heart: oh God but too too too expensive.
  4. i don't have it but I do think it is too cute...if I recall Nordies has it. I know that many pfers like to hang the charms on their bags and it looks so darn cute.
  5. I only have one (a frog), but I attach it to the zipper pull of various bags. The clasp can't open too wide, so I haven't been able to attach it to other hardware, but it's perfect on zippers.

    I've seen the acorn charm and would guess that it's approximately 1" long. I think eLux has it if you don't mind ordering online.
  6. Their charms are adorable....
  7. I haven't seen it in person, but I would guess it's 1.5-2" including the top clasp.

    I think the charms are super cute! I just bought the cherry locket one and I wear it on chain as a pendant. I would put it on a bag, but I don't have one with gold hardware that it would look cute on.

    Neimans has them and you can get free shipping most of the time.