Juice's novice collection...

  1. Considering I didnt have a job at the time of my collection nor am I well off I dont think this collection is TOO bad... >_>

    If anyone could give me a name to the Versace bag it would be appreciated. My fiance bought it for me off of YOOX 2 years ago and even trying to search for the name YOOX gave me I couldn't really find it..

    I also have a basic fendi handbag with just the monogram but I can't seem to find it lmao..

    I got my first LV item at Puerto Banus in Spain.. I had about 110 euros to spend.. and I spent it all on that item.. XD I got the second LV item courtesy of my mother when we went to Rome :3

    atm I'm just using an orange slouchy leather bag I got on sale for £30.. no designer.. :love:

    Anyway, nice to hear some comments! :x

  2. i love your collection!!! i lovee your ceries cles!!
  3. hehe, thanks alot :biggrin:

    I was lucky to go to a LV boutique when it was released :biggrin:
  4. very cute:yes: bags, wish my mamma would buy me stuff too:girlsigh: .
    I think whether a collection is small or huge it is always special to its owner.

    I myself am a novice and have just got into aquiring nice bags . I know that my collection is only going to grow and feel excited about all the ones I have yet to get:yahoo: .
  5. You have a very beautiful collection. :love:
    I strongly believe that your collection would continuously grow.:yes:
    Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  6. Great Versace piece, and I love your icon :love:

  7. Thanks very much :smile:
  8. Cool collection! ;)
  9. That Versace bag is fantastic! It looks vintage, so it would be hard to find the name.
  10. DSC02226.JPG DSC02227.JPG DSC02228.JPG
  11. Love them :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  12. Nice. i've always liked the cerises line.
  13. I love the cerieses!
  14. nice, thanks for sharing.
  15. small but good :smile: i like everything in the pic