JuicePlus supplements during preg.?

  1. Hi ladies. My neighbor is a holistic nutrionist and the other day she brought over these supplements called JuicePlus. I guess they're supposed to give you all of your fruits/veggies in a vitamin form. I'm quite apprehensive about this... it seems if there was a magic pill to get all these nutrients, it would be everywhere and everyone would be using it, right? She gave me some pamphlets about it and it says how good it is for pregnancy. I decided to research it further on the internet and found when they did their studies it was rather biased. I know that regardless of what supplement you take, the vitamins don't get absorbed as well as if you actually consume the food. I have yet to ask my dr. about this, but was wondering if any of you have taken them or know more about them?
  2. definitely ask your doctor before you even consider taking that. those things contain herbs and other things that are probably not approved by the FDA. And you don't know what it can do to your baby
  3. These types of things frighten me! I'd stick to getting your vitamins from actual fruits & veggies!
  4. Yeah, I was thinking the exact thing... JUNK. Seems pretty sketchy to me...
  5. Juice Plus isn't an herb, or unsafe to take. It is however, one of those multi-level marketing businesses. Nothing will ever replace eating veggies and fruit.
    It doesn't hurt to add it to your diet, but like everything else, check with your physician.