Juet my little thought

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  1. Some of you know that I have been searching high and low for the small Chanel for my sister's birthday... while I am looking for it, I have some thoughts about chanel's customer service.. I am a Chanel newbie so I am not sure if it is just me...

    So I have been calling around to locate the bag... I have got some recommended SA contacts... some of them I never receive a call back or email reply... I have spoken to 3 different SAs in the same store.. they all gave me different answers...

    "The bag is completely sold out, you can call another store."- OK... it is a short answer... so... you are not thinking of offering me any other help?
    "The other stores would not have it" - I am like mmmmm you haven't even checked on the computer...
    "We do not carry this style" - mmm but your colleagues told me you have sold out...

    I end up just give every store a call and finally one shop told me they have not received their allocation and they will receive it soon.. I am put on a WL.. all in a sudden, I just feel like me paying a few thousands to buy a bag, but I am doing the SA's job... is it just me, or Chanel doesn't really care about the sale of a little customer like me?

    Sorry about my rant.. I still would like to own a Chanel bag myself... but given the price increase and the decrease in customer service / quality.... is it still worth it? I feel like I am a mad woman to keep calling around ...

    For those who are looking for a particular bag, do not give up if the SA tells you it is sold out.. chance is either they do not bother, or just lazy to check for you.... and I do believe there are some supurb SAs out there... hope everyone can find their dream bag :smile:
  2. Which Chanel stores did you go to? In Australia? Those that have assisted me are pretty helpful especially those from departmental store here in USA. I usually don't just rely on them to find what I want. I learn to call around myself more because if you really want something in a short period of time, you have to do it yourself by calling around instead of relying on the SA since they have many many other customers that need to be assisted. Eventually someone somewhere will call you back with what you want.

    Good luck with finding what you want.
  3. Thanks yodaling :biggrin: they are the us depth stores .. yes I have left my name to quite a few places...one SA refused to put me on a wait list, but when I spoke to some one else in the same store the next day, he is willing to add my name on the list and promise to give me a call if they get new deliveries ... so it really depends who I speak to ...
  4. Now I have to say the 2 SA's I have used have always gone out of their way to find anything I am looking for not matter what the item is, even a CC holder in a style I wanted. One even contact an SA from another store that she did not even work for and found one and gave me that SA's info. And they other I have used 2 times, and each time she had to locate one but usually would be back in touch within 24 hours. I have though dealt with some that just acted like me they did not care to go the extra step
  5. I highly recommend Eric who works in the Chanel dept at Bloomingales. On the occassions that I've stopped by, he has been very wonderful.
  6. Imagine all the frantic crazy girls calling all the boutiques all day every day, if tou start annoying people then they have a right to turn you away IMO. Ask yourself, if they say they don't have it in stock they probably mean they don't have it in stock right? I don't understand the reasoning behind this post, it seems you are trying to be negative for no reason other than to rant at not getting what you want?

    Patience is a virtue OP. Maybe look for something different?
  7. Where are you seeing negative in this, looks like to me people are complementing their SA's. That is what I did, and I even picked one up on this thread who got me what I needed from another store in about one day
  8. :confused1::shrugs:
  9. I feel like the person was just wanting suggestions on who she could contact that was alittle quicker. :smile:
    And nicer. I my self know that last week I was looking for a turqoise patent mini flap and was told at Saks they did not have any, then I called back and got another SA at the same store and she took the time and found me one and it is on the way. Hang in there
  10. Don't give up, and yes when you are spending that kind of money you would like good service. I have several SA's that are good and I will be glad to help you find what you are looking for. That is what alot of us are own here for to help you locate what you want to give you some leads on a good SA Good luck :smile: It feels good to vent alittle to people who care. I have been there myself

  11. dear it is exactly what i meant !!