judynjacob - My first "POSSIBLE" difficult seller!!

  1. Background: Bought 2 jeans from this seller (Powerseller w/ 3842 feedbacks), one being 7FAM Dakota and J & Co Skull Jeans. 7FAM auction ended 22/09/07 and J & Co on 27/09/07 which I was invoiced straight away.
    Made the payment on 29/09/07 which was 2 days after the auction ended where during this two days, the seller sent me a reminder to make the payment!

    On My eBay, it has shown that both items have been posted on 30/09/07.

    Waiting, waiting, after 2 weeks still not receiving the items I emailed the seller asking about when can I expect to receive the items since USPS website shows it takes 6-8 working days to get from US to Australia using Priority mail.

    Snce I was anxious of not getting a reply from the seller, I opened a dispute w/ Paypal 16/10/07.

    No reply until today :cursing: which seller wrote:
    "judynjacob customer svc wrote:
    > > >
    > > > Hi,
    > > >
    > > > We apologize we've oversold Women Seven 7 For All Mankind Jeans Boot
    > > > Dakota
    > > > 25
    > <http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300152639490>.
    > > > The
    > > > system shows we still have one in the inventory but when we're going
    > to
    > > > ship
    > > > it, there is no more of this item left in the warehouse.
    > > > We are trying to fix the system so this kind of problem won't occur
    > in
    > > > the
    > > > future.
    > > >
    > > > Do you have any other substitute item in mind?
    > > >
    > > > Thanks,
    > > >
    > > > JJ
    > >

    :cursing: What the hell?
    The items have been shown on My eBay as posted 30/09/07 and it took them 18 days to know they don't have the item?
    So I wrote back:
    "Hi there,
    > > I am shocked to know that I have paid on 29 Sept 07 and on eBay, the
    > item
    > > has shown as posted on 30 Sept 07 and it took 18 days for you to know
    > that
    > > the item was oversold.
    > >
    > > So why is the item being shown as shipped then?
    > >
    > > Honestly, I am worried to deal with you in the future.
    > >
    > > And as for substitute, I am thingking "Women 7 For All Mankind A
    > Pocket
    > > Boot Jeans NYD 26 ".
    > >
    > > If this item is available, please kindly substitute.
    > > I am expecting you to ship this item by the end of this week.
    > >
    > > If I have not heard back from you by the end of this weekend, I am
    > going
    > > to escalate a dispute claim to Paypal.
    > >
    > > Kind Regards"

    I don't know what to do now..
    Should I wait 10 days after opening the dispute to escalate it?
    I am worried that I will get nor items or my monies back :cursing:

    TIA :heart:
  2. I have paid as following:
    1. 7FAM $77.01 + 28 (shipping)
    2. J & Co $50 + 10 (combined shipping)

    And the seller just replied to me:
    judynjacob customer svc wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I email you a couple of time regarding this issued. The A Pocket cost
    > much
    > more that the Dakota but I will give you the same price.
    > It just the shipping is $47 for 2 items, you only pay $38. I will send
    > you
    > a paypal invoice for $9. Please pay asap so I can ship the jeans
    > tomorrow
    > Thank you

    OMG!! I am spewing atm after reading this!!!
    Yah sure, I would ignore their emails since they have both my monies and items!!:hysteric:
    And if A Pocket is much more expensive, not because I am trying to take advantage but simply cos that is the only item I like they have available and size as well!!
    This is what I wrote back:
    Hi there,
    What email add did you send your "a couple of time" emails?
    If so, never appeared on My Ebay msg nor my private email (this add) and I puzzle the fact how the email letting me know that you oversold the jeans somehow, was the only one went thru'.

    About the shipping, it was you who invoiced me the amount, I have never asked you to discount it or such. The fact that you wrote that A Pocket is much more than Dakota but would sell it to me for the same price but now charging me more to ship two items (which has shown as "POSTED" on 30/09/07) seems odd.

    According to http://ircalc.usps.gov/IntlMailServices.aspx?Country=10013&M=2&P=2.5&O=0&sd=1 which I have used 2 kgs weight to calculate the rate (though I so doubt that each jeans weighs 1 kg), it is only $29.50.
    If you read my feedbacks, I have purchased few bags that cost close to $1k or more and have paid less than what you have asked me for two jeans (fraction at the price of the bags).

    So no, I will not pay more than I have paid.
    Not only you concealed the truth (I don't wall to call you liar) saying the items have been posted 18 days ago, now you are trying to additionally charge me?
    Don't you think you should compensate me for the fact that I paid you 2 days after winning the 2nd item (which you sent me repeated reminders) or still being patient after being lied on?
    I dont know what your definition of customer service.

    Please don't treat me as if I have no brain or common sense.
    Honesty will go a long way.
    I will appreciate it more if you from the beginning on told me that you have not yet shipped the items or about your "a couple of times" emails.

    So as my previous email, either you send both jeans by the end of this week or issue me FULL refunds, I will escalate my dispute.

    Kind Regards

    Okie gals, do you guys think I've gone overboard now being p*** ?

    Really need inputs here..

    TIA :heart:
  3. Aki, I don't think you are overreacting at all! The seller invoiced you, it's not as though you specified the postage! I would not pay extra! How frustrating for the seller to indicate that it has been shipped when really it hadn't. That's BS. I think you're better off asking for your money back and going elsewhere! Grrr!
  4. Get your money back hun. Seller sounds very unfair. I would escalate the paypal claim if they dont refund you within a few days.
  5. Thanks LB and Cherie!

    I will wait until the end of this week to honour what I said to them if not, oh yeah I will so escalate the dispute..:rant::censor::mad:
  6. You did the right thing. The seller sure has no rights to charge you extra. Are you willing to settle with an A-pocket 7 jeans? If not, stick with your dispute. Please be aware that I heard once a dispute is filed of "not receiving the item", and the seller sent it and gaves PayPal the tracking number, this dispute case will be closed by PayPal. Buyer will not be able to file it again if there are other problems happen afterwards. Just want you be aware...
  7. WOW! I have to tell you that I personally love this seller and have purchased probably 6 pairs of jeans from them for myself and my husband, with never any issues at all. I do live in the states, so I have not had any of these shipping issues. This is so surprising AND disappointing!
    I have to say I agree with bellacherie, and after all you have been thru, I would just call it a day and escalate your claim. It is completely unacceptable that they have had your money this long! Don't deal with this garbage for another minute!I don't even understand what they are trying to pull with you, but just be done with it. A couple pairs of jeans is NOT worth this kind of hassle.
  8. no way. don't deal with this seller anymore!!!
  9. HandbagAngel, thank you for the info.
    Is it possible for the seller to inform Paypal the tracking # when the items have not being posted (cos on my ebay, it has shown as POSTED!)

    I am thinking, probably the seller just trying to be fishy and gave Paypal other customer's tracking no!

    I am so mad at this seller and nope, until now no RESPONSE as yet!! (again!!!)
  10. Dear Aki, I'm sorry this happens to you.:sad:
    Just cancel your order and get a refund.
    Don't waste your time with the seller like this.:tdown:
  11. Unbelievable. If they arent going to replace your items (with what you want or what you originally ordered) you should demand your money back. Isnt it illegal to sell something you dont have??
  12. Thanks Cherie, Andy and Cooper..

    How do I get refund?
    Do I just contact my CC to do a chargeback without waiting to escalate this w/Paypal?
  13. I wouldn't give this seller another day much less week. You know she had to know her inventory .....come on.....what a liar......I would file a claim with ebay and be done with it and her. You are more patient then I would have been. I can't stand people who lie. I would make her pay you back or it may be weeks before you see the other jeans......I am pissed for you!!!!!!!!! :cursing:
  14. Claim with paypal first (and escalate), then if you dont get you cc involved if they dont refund you.
  15. are you communicating via private emails or through Paypal? I'd suggest through Paypal only, so that everything is on record, esp the part where the seller admits that they've oversold and not shipped to date, so that you can easily get a full refund. There's no way the seller can wriggle out of that if it's on Paypal record.

    as for getting substitute jeans, I'd worry about what the seller ships to me. An empty box , or a box with the wrong jeans, as long as there's tracking, it will close your Paypal dispute and you'll have NO recourse. You can open a dispute once only. Personally, since the seller is so difficult, I wouldn't want to continue the transaction, I just want all my money back.