Judith Ripka on QVC - anyone has it?


Aug 8, 2006
I was surprised to see a Judith Ripka segment on QVC, and was amazed at the items.

Does anyone own a piece from this collection, I was gonna give it a try..but thought I'd throw it out there first.

I like David Yurman, but his prices seem so high for Sterling with Gold plating.

Any opinions?


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
I have several Judith Ripka pieces from QVC. They are very nice and substantial, but they are VERY different from her regular line. The QVC uses mostly silver and diamonique. I guess there have been issues with some of the stones, but it is hit and miss.
If you go to QVC.com, there is a jewelry forum with lots of Judith Ripka lovers that can help you out with a particular piece.

Texas Girl

Jul 21, 2006
I have a set of 3 sterling rings, one pair of earrings and one bracelet. They are very substantial and the pieces I own are rather heavy. I haven't had any problems with any stones and the quality is better than most sterling silver I already have. I have never seen her regular line to compare the two, but I think QVC has pieces well worth the money.


Mar 2, 2006
My mom has ordered pieces from QVC ever since it first came on when I was about 2 years old. Not just JR pieces but a lot of different designers and not only is the quality good, the return policies are amazing. But she does have a couple of JR pieces and the quality is really great for the price IMO. :yes:


Jan 23, 2006
I know I can't afford the JP PRICES IN HER BOUTIQUES-SHE USES 18K, BUT HER PIECES ON qvc are beautiful!
i have 4 bracelets that are of substantial quality and very weighty and have wonderful stones(amythest and citrine) and diamonique(cubic zurconio) and I get complements all the time.
I also have this lab created sapphire ring that looks like a magnificent deep tanzanite and is wonderful!
My prize piece is a silver chain and olive green marquise pendant that is gorgeous, and she is not cheap-normally around 100 to 300.00
My most recent purchase are citrine earrings with omega backs and I love them !!!
I would recommend try it and the return policy is 30 day unconditionally.:tup::tup:


Sep 1, 2007
I have many pieces of hers from QVC and I love them all. They always are extremely well made with lots of extra details you don't always find when a designer does a lesser priced line in addition to their higher end one. I always get compliments when I wear my Ripka pieces. I have several of her necklaces and enhancers which are really fun to collect since you can mix and match all of the. My three rings by her are probably my favorites. They have so much work and detail in them. I just recently got her Rose Quartz Lotus ring and it is stunning. I can't recommend her pieces enough.
Aug 1, 2007
I have a few Judith Ripka rings from QVC, and i LOVE them. They are so cute and trendy and i love the fact that they are real silver and gemstones but the prices are so reasonable. They definitely are not the highest quality one my rings has a stone loose but i think for the price they are worth it. I would recommend buying something and trying it out, they have a great return policy. :tup: GOOD LUCK!


Call me Jill!
Nov 24, 2005
Like the other posters have said, I have some of her pieces from QVC and have been very happy with them. The pieces that I have not liked, I just returned....QVC has an awesome return policy.


Jun 18, 2007
I am a QVC junkie! I haven't tried Judith Ripka, but I've bought other jewelry from QVC. I have a really nice pearl and sterling silver necklace I bought a year ago. It's so beautiful, and I was amazed at the quality. I just bought an Honora pearl ring to match it and it's seriously the most beautiful pearl I've ever seen! I've also ordered Bare Minerals and Proactiv from them. They guarantee all their products, have great CS and a good return policy.