~~Judith Ripka jewelry~~

  1. I am interested in a necklace by jewelry designer Judith Ripka. Do any of you have any of her pieces? If so, are you happy with the quality? Please post pictures if you can! Thanks!

    The necklace I like is called the "Mother/Daughter necklace". It has a small heart pendant and a large heart pendant. I can't find a picture of it, but here is one similar in style.
    Judith Ripka.jpg
  2. Here are some more pieces by Judith Ripka...
    Lola%20Heart%20Pendant_lg.jpg LolaRing5stackPink_lg.jpg DiamondBracelets%20Stack_lg.jpg FontaineNeck&Ring.jpg FontaineRings.jpg
  3. I don't have any of her designs, but I wanted to say that those are really beautiful! I am interested to see what pictures get posted here!
  4. Here are some Celebrities with their Judith Ripka...
    NicoleRichie4.jpg NikkiHilton.jpg ParisHilton.jpg SherylLeeRoth.jpg
  5. And more...
    AngieHarmon.jpg BaiLing.jpg KateHudson&NaomiWatts.jpg LindsayLohan4.jpg
  6. I love her stuff!!! Did ya'll see her on QVC?? She started selling her line with more affordable pieces, they are sooooo nice!!! I think it's on the QVC website. I was so happy to see that because alot of her stuff is very expensive

    I had to edit this lol so I could say I'm not a little old lady that is watching QVC all day lol. We have two lines that we have launched on QVC so I constantly monitor what is on!!
  7. She has cute stuff!
  8. Her stuff is high end and quite lovely.

    The necklace shown is truly nice. Some of my friends have pieces and they really rave about them...have heard nothing bad.
  9. I love Judith Ripka.
    I actually have a sterling silver bracelet that she did for QVC.
    Here's a pic from the site (that, mind you, does the bracelet no justice, because it's GORGEOUS and I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it)
  10. Wow--I did not know that she sold jewelry on QVC! That bracelet is very pretty! Hmmm...I really want that necklace, but I don't have a birthday, anniversary, or ANYTHING coming up soon. I want it now!
  11. I've looked at a lot of her pieces but haven't purchased anything ..... yet. The pieces I've looked at seem to be a nice quality ..... on the style of John Hardy, David Yurman, etc. Maybe another PF member owns a Judith Ripka piece and can give you firsthand information. Btw, the neclace you're interested in is gorgeous!

  12. I just bought this bracelet myself-and, it is gorgeous-it looks wonderful in person! I love it!
  13. ^^I TOLD YOU you would!! :smile:
  14. Anyone know-Does this type of jewelry tarnish easily? The links are so detailed that it looks like they would not wipe clean easily with a polishing cloth. That is mostly what I'm curious about. The necklace that I'm looking at looks to be of superior quality and is VERY heavy.
  15. Judith Ripka..just so you know...makes 2 lines.An extremely expensive line and a MUCH less expensive line....
    I have one piece,Its a diamond hearts one..will try to take pics tomorrow..I spent over 6000.00 dollars on it..gulp....its a superb necklace though....I made my PHH drive 2 hours to the Judith Ripka store to get it for me!!LOL!(for our 5th anniversary!)