Judith Ripka Fountaine Earrings - pics

  1. What do you think of these earrings? Do you think they can be worn casually, or are they too dressy?




    It also comes in an oval design for $550
  2. ooh those are pretty...i even like the peridot and i NEVER like peridot (which is too bad because it's my birthstone)

    it's hard to tell how big the earrings are from the picture, but i think they would be easy to dress up or down. unless they are HUGE stones, i would definately wear them casually.
  3. This pair is $350
  4. Normally I love Judith Ripka but I'm not crazy about the heart design. It looks a bit too much like something you'd fin on emitations.

    I do like the Oval though.
  5. I like the oval design too. I think the heart ones look a little "young" for me.:smile:
  6. Gosh, I would have a really hard time figuring out how to wear them casually. I guess it depends on how big they are in real life... if they're small and discreet, you could probably well them casually. They're really lovely, they look much more expensive than they are!
  7. I prefer the ovals as well.

    If you have a short haircut I think these would look great...especially those women with great faces along with the short hair!
  8. I like them all! I think that they could be worn dressy or casual with no problem.
  9. i too prefer the oval ones
  10. I actually find these very casual (by casual I mean jeans and a cute top, not sweat pants!). I wouldn't wear them for formal occasions.
  11. I Adore Judith Ripka....Her Designs Are Very Me. I Completely Understand Where You Would Like The Oval Better (They Are Beautiful).......I'm Just A Heart Girl ~ That's One Of The Reasons, I've Been So Drawn To Her Jewelry.
  12. izabet ~ I've Heard That About Peridot Sooooo Much (1/2 Of My Family's Birthdays Are In August)....The Past Couple Years I've Heard A Lot Of People Changing Their Mind. I Think That's Nice! :smile:
  13. OMG!!!!! You can wear them dressy or casual
  14. I think those earrings would look great with a casual outfit. But then I'm originally from South Florida and the girls there wear alot of bling.
  15. They are all great but I find the oval more wearable....hearts are great but they can be cutsy and limiting. I think Ripka can be worn casually.....you can't go wrong with beautiful things. Happy shopping! Z