Judith Ripka Anyone?

  1. I love her things. She is like David Yurman, in style and has a shop in New York. I have a sterling silver chain and olive quartz pendant-its lively.
  2. YES! I like Judith Ripka. I swing by her store on Madison whenever I'm in NYC.

    Have you checked out her web site?
    Judith Ripka Companies, Inc.

    I'd love to see a pic of your olive quartz pendant....
  3. I have Judith Ripka stuff. I actually prefer her designs over Yurman and Hardy
  4. Yes Please!! I love JR. She is just lovely! Have you gotten anything to show and tell??
  5. I have three pair of her earrings.
  6. I don't own any Judith Ripka pieces .... yet:graucho: ... but I do love the line.
  7. Hi! I am building a pink Ripka collection. I have a few chains, the egg pendant, the medium heart, some heart earrings and two bracelets...oh, the pink ring. I've been at it for a number of years.....when I feel like pink I am happy to reach for it. It's hard to see the whole collection on her site. Her stores really show you so many choices never seen on the web.....online you can visit Saks, NM,Nordstrom and JR Dunn (I believe.....) If, I can learn to load pics....I will show you my collection. Take care and happy shopping! Z
  8. she has a much less expensive line through QVC, i was skeptical..but they are lovely
  9. The stuff from the QVC line looks amazing. It definitly looks just as good as the expensive stuff. Plus its a good way to try things out! My mom wears alot of John Hardy, David Yurman, etc, and she has JR from the QVC line, and it looks just as nice as her other stuff.

    I got a pair of earrings for Christmas, and I've gotten alot of compliments :tup:

  10. I have a few pieces. They definitely make a statement. I have 3 rings and one pair of earrings. All mine came from qvc. I like all the detail she puts into her designs. I would LOVE to see her boutique someday.
  11. I just bought my first JR piece last year, a pair of mint quartz earrings - I absolutely love them! :love:
  12. I have 2 rings and 2 pairs of earrings, love her
  13. My mom loves her stuff. She prefers it over David Yurman.
  14. I have 3 rings from her QVC line. I definitely prefer it to Yurman.....I sold my last Yurman piece.
  15. I love the pink collection! I have the pink ring, silver, with the little 18kt hearts on the corners (can't remember the specific name) and the matching earrings. I get more compliments on this set...like to wear them in the summer. Good investment for not a lot of money!