Judith Lieber

  1. Hi guys, can anyone explain the appeal of Judith Lieber bags to me? I don't mean that they *aren't* appealing, some of them are really beautiful, they're just SO expensive! I've never seen one IRL - are they really rare? Made of rare/expensive materials? Handcrafted? I'm curious - I saw one for 5K on Saks and my jaw dropped! :blink:
  2. Each is hand made and only produced in a limited quantity so they are more like collectors items. I agree, some are absolutely beautiful works of art, others aren't my style. But the craftsmanship is truly amazing.
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  3. I love them because they're almost like little statues to me... I think they're whimiscal and fun.
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  4. Anyone has a pic?
  5. I've only 3 of her evening purses that I collected over several years. Only one is the austrian crystal. it is a silver teardrop (looks like a waterfall of clear crystals going down the sides of the bag). They are beautiful bags and very well made (detailing and quality is incredible). Here is a pic of the silver hardcase crystal one. It's difficult to capture how pretty the crystals are because of the flash but you can get an idea. It would be fun to see other's collections!
    judith leiber rs1.jpg judith leiber rs2.jpg
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  6. They're very unique. I would never carry one but I would love to collect the animal ones as art pieces if I were rich. I'd have a purse zoo.
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  7. I agree - the jewelled evening purses are special, I just can't think of anything like them. She does do a range of more ordinary day bags that I feel are very average and therefore overpriced but I would pay £1 -2000 for a jewelled one ( if I had the money! ) I want one of the tomato or pear shaped ones! I looked at them in detail when I visited Vegas last year as she has two shops there and the workmanship did seem very well done.
  8. I used to sell the line, and they're not worth the price. The crystals can easily fall off of the minaudieres, and her leathers aren't so great in either material or design that the price is justified. Like many of the "luxury" companies out there, she got well known, and the prices are high because she can get away with it.

    Having said all that, I was there when a new minaudiere came in the store, and my jaw dropped. For some reason it was priced super low, and with my discount, it would have been doable. I decided I'd think about it, and it was sold two hours later and never returned. That's the only piece I would have ever considered buying.
  9. I hope to have one in the future- I prefer the simpler styles to the rabbits, squirrels, etc. But I'll definitely wait for a sale.

    I really like your bag Golden.
  10. OMG! THat is very interesting! I have one that was passed down to me by my mom- its a leather evening bag with a jewled closure- I can't describe it accurately. I would have to post pics. BUt needless to say, its just sitting in its dust bag- I have never used it. I have always loved the one Goldensx5 has and one that was floral- so beautiful, but just did not like the price.
  11. I think of them as not for me--more a Texas and Washington DC thing. That said, I DO love her eyeglasses--have a pair with rhinestones on the side (ear) pieces and all sorts of embellishment. I was once at a gallery opening in them and someone came up to me and started talking about how fabulous and all and I thought she meant the art (which was unexceptional) and she was no-no-no--I meant your eyeglasses!
  12. I know the style you're talking about, and they're quite elegant. Since it's probably an older piece, hold onto it with both hands because they're a better quality than anything the company is producing now.

    And yes, many of them are quite beautiful. I used to think that if I had the money, I'd have a small curio filled with them. LOL

  13. I have three Judith Leiber bags and I LOVE them! Here's a pic of my two evening bags.
  14. Here's a pic of my Judith Leiber day bag. THere is such great detailing on her bags. The pink suede interior is also gorgeous. Her bags also come with little mirrors.
  15. Kat your bags are beautiful!!!!

    Ammietwist- thank you! I will hold onto it just for sentimental reasons. It actually is a beautiful bag!