Judith Leiber Web Exclusive Shoe for $99 + shipping

  1. wow, great info!!!
    Thanks soooooooo much!!!:biggrin:
  2. Thank you so much!!!
  3. I just ordered two styles. Thanks again!
  4. I am still waiting for mine to arrive!
  5. Ok...update...my shoes arrived! They are just gorgeous and worth every penny...BUT....ordering up was a big mistake for me. Now I have to return (hassle) and wait again.

    You won't be disappointed in quality.
  6. I'm glad to hear about the quality. Her bags are very well made so I assumed the same would be true for her shoes. I'm sorry you have to return them, but it is such a good deal, huh?:smile:
  7. Kellybag, which pair did you order?
  8. I ordered the non-sexy ones! Ha Ha. I am a mom and don't get out much!!

    I ordered the black flats with the crystal on the top (Bianca...I think) and I ordered a black leather 3" pump...closed toe (Morgan)

    The flats were buttery soft and I mean buttery. VERY WELL MADE!!! I had a pair that was slightly defective. The right foot was stretched out where it gathered. The left was perfect.

    The black pump was too large in size. The ordering up the 1/2 size was too much. I am debating to exchange. I am unsure of how pointy it is. BUT...the workmanship is awesome!

    If you are considering, do it.

    Also, there is no charge for shipping on the exchange. They said they will credit for shipping as well on my defective pair.

    Can't really lose.
  9. wow, the shoes are really pretty... too bad i dont wear these type of shoes....
  10. i just ordered a pair. i wear a size 6.5 normally but it was reccommended to order a size up so i had purchased the last size 7. i hope i didnt make a bad decision, kellybag!

    how are these web exclusives so cheap? i have never seen any leiber shoes in Neimans or Saks.
  11. I Bought 3 Styles & Ordered One For My Sister........Thank You So Much For Posting This!
  12. so no size up? stay at normal size? is there any chance her shoes run big?
  13. My advice...I am only one person, but both pairs I ordered were too big when I sized up the half-size.

    If you don't mind fronting the $ and you love the shoe, buy both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. That way you are guaranteed to get the shoe.

    If not, they will exchange for free, but you have to ship back at your expense insured for the value.

    OH...my one pair also had a pointed toe...you would think they would be tighter, but they were not.

    They claim they run small, but not in my case. Maybe I am on the small end of my size or something.

  14. I wouldn't recommend ordering up half a size. I got my shoes today and have to return them. Beautiful shoes..