Judging from the pictures of your b-bags, slouch VS. firm

  1. HI Girls, Looking at all the nice pictures of your bags, Im curious to know why some bags slouch so much and some look firm when both bags look empty? Also, looking at a black city b-bag...ive seen some that have a duller shade of black and some are shiny....any comments on that? thanks!
  2. The thickness and softness of the leather varies by season, which accounts for the shine variations. Same for slouchiness - newer bags seem stiffer to me but I hear they soften up with age.
  3. agreed!
    and, they DO soften up with age... which is the major difference of real and fake. this what made b bags special :p
  4. I bought both of my bags new. One of them stood up on its own but after 3 days of use it just slouches into a puddle of leathery goodness. The other bag was slouchy from the beginning but it got even softer with use. It's the leather. The black bags have recently had vastly varying leathers, some shinier, some thinner, some more ditressed, some more veiny (giving a more ashy grey apprearance). You can find any variation you prefer with a little searching.