Judges Overturn Bush Bid to Ease Pollution Rules!

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  1. http://nytimes.com/2006/03/18/politics/18enviro.html?hp&ex=1142744400&en=881e45691d089a11&ei=5094&partner=homepage

    WASHINGTON, March 17 — A federal appeals court on Friday overturned a clean-air regulation issued by the Bush administration that would have let many power plants, refineries and factories avoid installing costly new pollution controls to help offset any increased emissions caused by repairs and replacements of equipment.

    This was Bush's attempt at payback to all the energy co's that supported his campaign. (read=contributed lots of $$)

    If the appeals court hadn't overturned it, all these companies could have gotten away with not spending tons of money to update their plants. Which meant lots more pollution and more profits for these companies. Yes, bush was trying to help out these companies even though he likes to stand on podiums and stump for clean air.

    The winners this time —more than a dozen states, including New York and California and a large group of environmental organizations — hailed the decision as one of their most important gains in years of litigation, regulation and legal challenges under the Clean Air Act.
    The provision of the law at issue, the "new source review" section, governs the permits required at more than 1,300 coal-fueled power plants around the country and 17,000 factories, refineries and chemical plants that spew millions of tons of pollution into the air each year.
    "This is an enormous victory over the concerted efforts by the Bush administration to dismantle the Clean Air Act," Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney general, whose office led the opposition from the states, said in an interview.
    Mr. Spitzer, who is running for governor, said the ruling "shows that the administration's effort to misinterpret and undermine the statute is illegal."
  2. that is so repulsive! he's such a businessman.
  3. a FAILED bussinessman.

    Every business venture he has ever endeavored in FAILED. He just added a whole country to that resume.
  4. I so glad most of you here share my political views. Most of the time I just keep my mouth shut where I live as most here are very conservative. I CAN'T wait for the midterm elections.We floridians have to make sure the repulsive K Harris (the one that gave Bushthe 2000 election) does not win a seat in the senate.
    IMHO Bush has taken us and our country back to the middle ages. All we need now is a sprinkling of the Plague for good measure:sad2:
  5. Hooray for the judiciary! No wonder the Bush administration wants to dismantle that arm of our government.
  6. I'm telling you, people are going to look back on W and realize he was BY FAR the worst president this country has ever had... that's hoping that someone else doesn't overshadow him, and we are thrown into an even more oppressive and morally bankrupt gov't before then.
  7. I already think he is...the sad thing is he is clueless. . Just think, 2 and a half more yrs of him and his cronies. Just imagine what havoc they can reap on the country in that time. Nah...don't want to think about it...is it too early for a drink?
  8. Too bad we can't hold a referendum right now
  9. Haha... not that it is funny, but 2.5 years seems SOOOOO long. I swore it has been his 4 years already...
  10. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    I burst into laughter upon reading that.
  11. I literally cried when he was elected the first time, and was disgusted when he was re-elected. :o( Even my kids think he's an idiot.