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  1. How bad a fake is this. I would say the handels. They are not the same and does not fit in the middle of it, but else I can see anything, so help me spot all that stuff.. :smile:

    Black Chloé Paddington

    p1.JPG p2.JPG p3.JPG p4.JPG p5.JPG p6.JPG

  2. Hi! I have a black Chloe Paddington (bought in HongKong Chloe boutique) of which I can compare it with.

    The inside lining should be in black. Photo shows a cream lining. The hardwares (lock & studs) are shiny gold...whereas the real Chloe is sort of a matted, less shiny gold.

  3. I would definitely agree with you on both of those points, hysteric. :yes:

    Also, the fonts used for the blind embossed logos are too big (Chloe logos are subtle) and they seem to be trying to get around the fact that cheaper, harder leather doesn't slouch properly, by giving the whole bag less structure; so the whole thing is collapsing, but the leather still looks stiff. :yucky:

    Finally, the leather 'circles' around the studs are too big.
  4. Thank you...
    I can actually see what you mean when you mention the things I wasen´t abel to see before.. :smile:

  5. No problem, Ronja! :biggrin:

    Trust me, unless the fakes are really good (superfakes), it's not rocket science - almost anyone (with reasonably good eyesight) could do it, once they've familiarised themselves with all the features.

    The fake manufacturers and sellers generally seem to work on the premise that if you're buying on eBay, you've probably never seen a real one. :huh:
  6. eBay I simply just don´t trust. So, I have to get a real one other places..

  7. Frankly, I don't blame you; eBay can be a minefield! :hrmm:
  8. The handles on my chocolate bowler (authentic) look exactly like that - the padding is not completely centered.
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