Judge Judy

  1. I LOVE HER!!!

    Wednesday May 16, 2012.Judith Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy arrives at "Good Morning America" in New York City wearing a bright lime green pants suit:

    Source: Zimbio
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  2. I LOVE her too!!! We DVR her show everyday. She's no nonsense, no BS, lay it on the line and don't sugar coat anything...just how I like it :tup:
  3. I love her too!
  4. "You're a moron!!"

    When she says that, I jump for joy!!
  5. "Baloney!" i love that one.
  6. Or "put your listening ears on" as she cups her ear with her hand :lolots:
  7. Oh yay for Judge Judy...she's the best lol!!!!
  8. I think this thread will be filled with Judy-isms!

    Officer Bird is my favorite. He plays crossword puzzles while in court :woot:
  9. ^^ He's pretty hysterical too!! There was an article about her a few years back and it said that she pays him $500,000 to do his job. Not too shabby...
  10. 'The people are real, the cases are real, the rulings are final, this is her courtroom, this is judge Judy' haha
  11. She lived in my town when I was a kid, and I was terrified when we saw her at the grocery store once. I find her to be less scary now. :lol:

    She looks adorable in those pics, actually!
  12. not at all. They've know each other since she was a judge. I like when he gets upset with people, he walks over all calm and says "Hey".... that's it!:roflmfao:

    She asked him "What is a twitter?" It was so innocent, but she was dead serious. LIke WTF, don't people talk anymore. :roflmfao:
  13. That's funny Cosmo! I think she's probably pretty friendly now because she's a Grandma, but back in her lawyer days I bet she would have been scary!
  14. Oh I know...it's a riot!! I hope this show never ever goes off the air because it's one of the best on TV.

    I always say uh oh when people come on with pit bull cases because I know she's gonna be ALL over that!! No love for pits with Judy.
  15. Some more Judy quotes: