Judge Judy tells it like it is to a Ebay Scammer.

  1. I LOVE Judge Judy! I've seen her nail a couple of eBay scammers over the years.
  2. Oh, I watched that episode. Judge Judy made the blond look like such an idiot. If I was her I would have to go into hiding.
  3. Oh my god, I just watched the whole thing... awesome, ROFL
  4. Wow!

    She said what everyone wants to say to eBay scammers, but bringing her children into it wasn't necessary.

    What I don't like about her is that she'll spend about 15 minutes of the case telling people how much they suck. (It's like, yeah, they do suck but that's not exactly the words of an impartial judge. At least Judge Alex sticks to the facts before giving his opinion.)

    Why that blonde woman didn't just turn around and walk out of the courtroom is beyond me.

    Thanks for sharing, though!
  5. Go Judge Judy!!!! [​IMG]
  6. i love love judge judy, scared of her, but what a interesting show to watch.
  7. i've seen this clip before... but yes, Judge Judy told that scammer! if only all scammers can be taken to court
  8. Chag that smiley is hilarious!
  9. Oh man. I got so pist off watching this.
    That Blonde made a freaking fool of herself.

    I am glad the mom & daughter got 5,000 back!!!
  10. Thanks for the posting! Now I have a face for SCAMMER! :cursing:
    I cannot believe there are people like that!! I shouldn't be surprised since there are so many ppl on ebay who lie outright about the authenticity of the things they sell just to make a couple of dollars!

    Does anyone have other clips like this?
  11. Oh my! :roflmfao: Where did you get that? Love it!
  12. Go Judge Judy! :smile:
  13. Woo hoo! that's a good one :yes: thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  14. Tha was awesome...Judge Judy Rules!!