Judge Judy Reams Ebay Scammer!!!

  1. This isn't our gal , but a very gratifying example of how she will be treated in a courtroom. She scammed two ladies out of money because they thought they were buying two cell phones and got pics of phones instead! Also interesting character study of a con artist/smarta$$ who has no remorse. May justice prevail!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Gosh, this happened some time ago, I saw it when it originally aired. She was sooo good! If they hadn't put the weight of the real cell phones in the auction though, they may have won the suit! That alone saved the buyer's buns!

    Weird how people can sleep at night after scamming someone.
  3. i just thought it would be nice to see some justice in the world! I can't believe how stupid, yet arrogant people can be. Also , did you catch how disrespectful she was of the judge?:tdown: it shows her attitude for the rest of the world. I'm sure she's in jail by now or child protective services is breathing down her neck!
  4. Oh, yeah... she sure wasn't on the Mother Of The Year award list!And so frickin' SMUG! Apparently, she never watched Judge Judy before because if ti's ANYTHING JJ dislikes, it's smug people in her courtroom. She did Family Law for a long time and knows the ins and out of children's protective services, eh? LOL! I also hope the "mother" had CPS out to her house because of this little stunt!

    I wasn't chastising you for posting it honey, I was just thinking that as popular as that one segment was, I thought it may have been posted here before. I didn't want you to get in trouble for it! :p
  5. No problem:flowers:...I was just so amused. I actually never watched the show! I am definitely behind the times!
    They can delete it it they need to. I laughed so much!
  6. Ugh, this is so sick.
  7. that's ridiculous... and JJ was totally right, why would the seller go in front of 10 million people?
  8. Wow! This is the first time I have seen this (I don't usually watch Judge Judy). I thought Judge Judy was great! Good for her for stripping the hide off of that smirking, smug scam artist. I love the way Judge Judy threatened the scammer with CPS and IRS! She practically said that the scammer is raising future scam artists - 'Being brought up in a home with no moral-compass'.
  9. You got to LOVE Judge Judy!:love:

    I Can't wait to see what happens to someone that has $10,000.00 in fraud and has fedral changes from the Post Office!:yahoo:

    R-O I hope you watch this show!
    BTW I think I would be dying my her back to it's natural color so the roots don't show!
    Also I think blonde is going to clash with the State Issued ORANGE Jumpsuit!

  10. 'And to think 8 others got scammed, I hope all of them sue this girl and get their money back
  11. Way too funny! I love JJ, and I acutally know several judges with that demanor!! Don't get on thier bad sides!
  12. Did you see that this smart ass girl has 3 other cases pending against her? I love that Judge Judy awarded $5000.00 to the plaintiffs.
    I love Judge Judy!
  13. Way to go Judge Judy! I just love her!
  14. Loved this, go Judge Judy!

  15. I hope they put this biotch and the husband behind bars and have the poor children taken away from them. I couldn't she rolled her eyes at JJ. I don't even think JJ was even harsh enough on her.