Jude Law...smiling or smirking?

  1. [​IMG]
    A nattily-dressed Jude Law sneaks in a smile after leaving London's Groucho Club (a private club for members of the arts and media world) Thursday night.
  2. smirking
  3. Smirking but he looks guilty of something.
  4. Smirking, but I don't like him even smiling!!! His features are way too delicate for my tastes. I like my men manly!
  5. smirkin'! he looks unhappy or angry!
  6. Smilin, smirkin, love it all. I could eat him with a spoon.
  7. yup he does look kinda guilty
  8. Looove him.
  9. god that face is just aching to be slapped. grrr! useless, pointless waste of a man. get a hair cut & a shave!

  10. ITA :yes: He kinds looks evil, but sexy, yummy evil. Totally hot :heart::supacool:
  11. smirking like he is not amused
  12. Smirking. Not a good look IMO.