Jude Law & Kim Hersov: In Love

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  1. Jude Law and his new girlfriend, Kim Hersov (editor-at-large for Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar), have a romantic rendezvous in Rajasthan, India on Sunday afternoon.
    Jude, 34, whisked away the 38-year-old socialite to take in the sights of India including a visit a historic fort featuring the world’s biggest cannon.
    Jude has three kids from a former marriage to Sadie Frost — Rafferty, 10, Iris, 6, and Rudy, 4.
    Hersov has two sons of her own - aged ten and seven - also from a former marriage to private jet tycoon Robert Hersov.
    jude-law-kim-hersov-01.jpg kim-hersov.jpg
  2. Wow, she is beautiful.

    Although knowing his history with Sadie and Sienna, I would not trust that man at all.
  3. I wish them the best.
  4. SAME here!
  5. Let's see how this plays out...
  6. she looks pretty :smile:
  7. She is GORGEOUS!!!
  8. Wish them the best!
  9. i dont like sienna but after the way he treated her i will never like that man again ! :boxing: and i hope this woman will find herself someone better ! :yes:
  10. I wish her all the luck in the world. Let's hoping a leopard is able to change his spots
  11. I don't know how anyone could date him long term given his track record. LOL, hopefully she has an ugly 89 year old nanny for her kids and no attractive friends.
  12. I think Kim Hersov is one of the most stylish UK ladies. Maybe they are looking to enjoy each other's company and not have the intent yet of becoming super serious? I agree with his track record Kim should think twice if they are going to be more serious. The man brings quite of alot of publicly known baggage!
  13. I wish her luck. She's gonna need it.
  14. She's really pretty. I hope Jude will treat her well!!
  15. She looks lovely - I'm not a fan of his though :yucky: