JUC - Thinner Version Released

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  1. Looks like it’s first released in China.

    IMG_1534437035.188568.jpg IMG_1534437046.364530.jpg
  2. This is how it looks like when sitting next to the regular JUC:
    IMG_1534454057.127669.jpg IMG_1534454067.919774.jpg
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  3. Ugh it’s so cute! I can’t wait to try it on.
  4. Thank you for sharing these!! So exciting! Did you by chance see anything for a thin JUC ring??
  5. No I didn’t.. [emoji23]
    And at this point this bracelet is for online sale only.
  6. Darn. I continue to (impatiently) wait. Thank you though! :smile:
  7. Very pretty!
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  9. I can't wait to try it on the thinner version!
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  10. Do you know if it’s online or in store or both?
    I really want to try it on.
  11. IDK.
  12. The new Juste un Clou Slim has launched at a special Juste un Clou event/ pop-up store at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan. This is the only place in Japan that will sell the collection ahead of the launch on 1 Sept.

    Here are the items available from the new SM collection at the pop-store, along with the prices.

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  13. I wonder if the slim JUC was released before the small Love people would be more open to it the Love? I don’t understand the dislike for the small Love and excitement/anticipation of this one! :shocked::whut:
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  14. #14 Aug 20, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
    I don't think so. It think it's just something about the classic love bracelet vs the thin love bracelet and I think it's also the price point for the classic size love vs the thinner love. I just prefer the regular love bracelet.
  15. I guess I don’t see the point of slimming down an aready very thin nail bracelet lol. I definitely prefer the small Love bracelet over the slim JUC, and I still am positive if the order of release was different, people would think the small Love with its little screws was adorable. To each their own I guess.