Juc regular vs thin with diamonds


Dec 5, 2010
Hi! I think I want to purchase a JUC. I think I want the Thin JUC with diamonds to stack with my love bracelet.
I think the Regular JUC with diamonds likely looks too bulky on my thin wrist. (I’m currently pregnant so it may look larger in the photo.)
My one concern though was that the small JUC seems really flimsy like it can break easily when you take it off and on? Would Cartier fix this if there was ever a problem?
Can you wear the JUC into the shower?
Or does it need to be taken off?

My love bracelet is, I think, the smallest size. What size JUC would I get to go with it? The same size? When I tried it on I felt like I was in between the smallest size and the one larger than smallest size.
Here is a picture:

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May 2, 2014
I recently came to the same conclusion. The regular JUC overwhelms a regular love to me and I think it’s best worn alone. But I stack as well so decided on the thin with diamonds. I had the same concern about it being flimsy, and what I dislike most about it is that it doesn’t have the closure system. I was thinking I would just avoid taking it off and on often since I never take my love off either. Idk, I haven’t made the purchase yet but at this point I’m like 90% going with the thin diamonds


Oct 3, 2020
I tried to buy the thin a few times in the past as I love the JUC. Finally did when the diamonds version was released. Had it for a few days and it went right back and I ended up exchanging for the full size with diamonds. I couldn’t get behind the lack of weight and it’s maneuvering to get it on and off.

Now my full size I adore. Even more than my love bangle. Sometimes I stack it with my love. Sometimes I wear it alone or with my little VCA sweets.

I think Cartier stands behind their product generally speaking but I also believe the kind of experience in terms of repair vs replacement etc depends on the relationship with your SA.


Nov 21, 2020
Wow this is hard, they both look great on you. I slightly lean towards the small because the two stacked together do look more cohesive on your small wrist. If I tell you to get the small though, does your heart drop? You should get whichever sings to you the most.

Re: sizing, I've seen that you should go one size smaller than the Love. I don't have a JUC myself but have been trolling all the JUC threads here in anticipation of my own purchase. So if you have a Love in size 16, go 15 for the JUC. But if it's uncomfy on you then that's not good :\ maybe it's possible it would feel better post-partum, since you mention your wrist may look larger right now?

Re: the question of flimsiness for the small JUC, again I don't have direct experience but from what I've read here it seems like the JUC holds up well, even when taking it off every day. Hopefully someone with actual experience can chime in though!


Jan 1, 2016
I prefer the regular size JUC. I’m considering the diamond JUC for myself to stack with my classic and thin love. I personally just can’t do the thin JUC. It doesn’t feel like a $$$ piece of jewelry to me. Not to mention, I have a toddler who would surely break that thing in two seconds flat if he pulled on it while on. :yucky: