JUC pave necklace

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  1. hi,

    I am considering the JUC pave WG diamond necklace. I am wondering if anyone who has it can tell me if it is comfy for everyday wear. Do you often get stuck in the clou open part?

  2. Pic please
  3. 382A2B64-E008-4198-9432-2AE7B4B37C5B.jpeg
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  4. I have this necklace and find it to be very light and comfortable (sometimes too comfortable - I forgot it’s there and then have to check every now and then). However, I’ve been wearing it only on special occasions and have had no issues with it getting stuck or caught on my more formal attire. I don’t think you will have problems like that because the gap is not very big and the necklace actually sits quite flat on the skin. Hope you enjoy it!
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  5. I have a friend who has this in RG and she wears it as an everyday piece. It looks beautiful but it does get caught in things a fair bit (I suppose because she wears it all the time there are days when the neckline of the top/dress means there is fabric over it so more likely to get caught?) and on one occasion when it got caught in a lace top as she took the top off the pendant part broke off the chain completely... (Cartier repaired it for her and reattached it to the chain)
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  6. That’s what I’m afraid of... food for thought.. thanks for your help ladies!